Onewheel XR tire pressure (Optimal)

Onewheel xr tire pressure

The tire pressure will impact your ride and changing it will impact the feel of your board. It’s therefore important to try different settings to find what you like and suits your riding style. The recommendation is to use your weight in lbs devides by 10 to get your optimal tire pressure. For anyone using … Read more

Onewheel Information (FAQ)

Onewheel Pint

Onewheel is an electric personal vehicle also know as a last-mile device. It’s a self-balancing board where you stand like on a snowboard with a go-kart wheel in the middle. The current range consists of the bigger XR and the smaller and more nimble Pint. It’s a truly unique riding experience that can’t be compared … Read more

Onewheel Tire Pressure Calculator

Onewheel tire pressure

The general rule for setting the tire pressure on the Onewheel is to take your weight in lbs and divide it by 10. Remember to include the weight of the protective gear, shoes and clothes. For more carving go a bit higher pressure or reduce it to gain stability. There’s some wiggle room for personal … Read more