Onewheel color combos – Preview your XR

Onewheel color combos 88Ghz

If you are like me and like thinking about and customizing your board the tool from 88Ghz is great to try new combinations before pulling the trigger on the accessories. The Onewheel is an expensive board from the beginning and the accessories really add up after a while. I’m not responsible for any purchase your … Read more

Can you return your Onewheel (Return Policy)

Onewheel Return Policy

Buying a board for almost 2k is a big investment for most people. It’s, therefore, a good idea to understand if Onewheeling and floating around is for you. The fact that Future Motion only accepts boards in unused condition and unopened items makes this hard for most people. You can return unused and unopened Onewheel … Read more

Onewheel Warranty

Onewheel warranty

From the manual, it’s recommended to avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, and other debris. The key is that any water damage is not covered under the warranty and will make you void it. This can be a bit contradictory when looking at the commercial movies from Future Motion showing the … Read more

The history of the one-wheeled board and the Onewheel!

Onewheel history

Who invented the one-wheeled board? Trevor Blackwell (born 4 November 1969, in Canada) is considered one of the forefront people enabling the making of a one-wheeled board. He is a computer programmer, engineer and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley that in September 2004 built a functional self-balancing unicycle. The unicycle was using a control mechanism … Read more

Best shoes for Onewheel in 2022

best shoes for onewheel

As Onehweel has opened the field for many new riders who never have skated before it’s actually a good question to ask, what’s the best shoes for Onewheel? The shoes will be the interface between you as a rider and the board, applying the pressure to activate the front pad sensor making the board move. … Read more