Onewheel accessories

List of Onewheel accessories (Shops in Europe & USA) (2022)

Onewheel accessories can be anything to make your ride safer, protect your board or give it a personal touch. Here is a list of some ...
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Onewheel error code

Onewheel error code’s (How to Fix)

Sometimes the board shuts down mid-ride blinking or starts blinking when you power it on. The blinking indicates different errors on the Onewheel. The lightbar ...
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Onewheel Pint Controller box

Open Onewheel Pint Controller Box (Fix Rattle Sound Problem)

Here is how to open the Onewheel Pint controller box to fix the most common issue, the loose nut holding the power button. This nut ...
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onewheel charing battery

Top Onewheel charging Tips (battery management)

Taking care of the Onewheel and its battery is something you should do, here are some FAQ and tips on how you should charge and ...
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Ikea Fornuftig HEPA filter breakdown

IKEA Förnuftig The Cheap Everyday Air Purifier (Price, Spec, Sound)

During the pandemic and the Coronavirus, the market for air purifiers has grown and the interest in clean air indoors at home has come to ...
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protective gear onewheel

The Best Onewheel Safety Gear in 2022 (Elbow/Knee Pads, Helmet, Wristguard)

When commuting to work my main means of transportation are a PEV, a Personal Electric Vehicle, my Onewheel Pint, or an electric scooter, the Xiaomi ...
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Afterhokz openmove onewheel

Headphones For Riding Onewheel – Get This (2022)

Commuting with electric transportation like an electric scooter or Onewheel makes you silent for pedestrians, bikes, and other vehicles. This makes it harder for others ...
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cast iron scrubber

How to clean a cast iron pan with a chain mail scrubber

Sometimes a low tech solution can have a great result, like the chain mail scrubber for cast iron pans and skillets. This tool will both ...
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Onewheel: How To Fix A Sensor Problem

Are you having any of the following problems with your Onewheel? Then read this article. Spontaneously shutdown when moving at slow speeds, forward or backward ...
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Xiaomi m365 with upgrades and accessories

Xiaomi m365: 9 Upgrades and Accessories (2022)

There are some upgrades and accessories that are considered by the community to be a must-have for the Xiaomi m365. Ranging from making a better ...
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Xiaomi m365

Ultimate Xiaomi m365 Maintenance Guide

Using the Xiaomi m365 every day when getting to work, in the sunshine, heavy rain and even in wintertime in snowy weather conditions. Rain and ...
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Old Tablet as Weather Station Android

Old Tablet – DONT Throw It Away! (What to Do) 2022

When your tablet is getting old and is not up for the latest tasks there is still some life left in it. The most likely ...
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center align images on mobile

How to center align images on mobile devices

So I had this question when writing for this blog. How to center align images on mobile displays. All my post with aligned pictures to ...
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Why do you put salt in the dishwasher?

Everything about Salt and Rinse aid for your Dishwashers (Why, How, When)

When you are at the grocery store you might have noticed that there are some boxes next to the dishwasher detergent containing salt. This is ...
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coffee after 3pm

The bad effect of drinking coffee after dinner

We are living in a world where drinking coffee has been the norm for people who have to live a productive lifestyle. Drinking coffee and ...
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What tools to get as a parent

The best tools to get as a parent in 2022

As a parent, you quickly come to release that there are some tools you really need to have. Here is a list of what tools ...
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Why your child is scared at night and how to help

As a parent, I have come to learn about the 3-year-olds fear of the night. It's not the dark itself that my boy or other ...
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Should i buy a xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or not

Should i buy a xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or not?

This is a 2 year review and my experience with the XIAOMI S5 (Amazon) robot vacuum cleaner. Answering the question should i buy a Xiaomi ...
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philips hair clipper

How to fix a Philips hair clipper

This is a guide on how to fix the most likely failure you can encounter on a Philips hair clipper. I got a Philips hair ...
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timeglass person inside

Top tech to save time as a parent (2022)

As a parent, I have come to love two technologies that have saved me and my wife a lot of time. These are products I ...
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