m365 Upgrades

Xiaomi m365: 9 Upgrades and accessories (2022)

There are some upgrades and accessories that are considered by the community to be a must-have for the Xiaomi m365. The rear mudguard support frame ...
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Xiaomi m365

Ultimate Xiaomi m365 Maintenance Guide

Using the Xiaomi m365 every day when getting to work, in the sunshine, heavy rain and even in wintertime in snowy weather conditions. Rain and ...
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Dry Hop Device for FermZilla

Fermzilla Dry Hop Device, Pressurized dry-hopping is now easy!

Kegland has launched a product that makes pressurised dry-hopping a lot easier, reducing the risk of oxidation and the risk of a beer volcano when ...
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what to do with an old tablet

Best tips on what to do with an old tablet in 2022

When the tablet is getting old and not are up for the latest tasks there is still some life left in it. The most likely ...
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How to improve the Brewzilla 35L (insulation)

After brewing outside during the winter months I came to the conclusion that there is a need to improve the Brewzilla 35L. The heat loss ...
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How does a spunding valve work?

How a spunding valve work for pressure fermentation

The most important equipment when fermenting under pressure is the spunding valve. This is the item that will control the pressure in the vessel during ...
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Pressure fermentation

The 3 proven benefits of pressure fermentation (Time, Esters, Oxidation)

There's is some clear benefits from fermenting under pressure compared to standard fermentation in a bucket. Its a technology leap in fermentation and it will ...
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center align images on mobile

How to center align images on mobile devices

So I had this question when writing for this blog. How to center align images on mobile displays. All my post with aligned pictures to ...
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Why do you put salt in the dishwasher?

Everything about Salt and Rinse aid for your Dishwashers (Why, How, When)

When you are at the grocery store you might have noticed that there are some boxes next to the dishwasher detergent containing salt. This is ...
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coffee after 3pm

The bad effect of drinking coffee after dinner

We are living in a world where drinking coffee has been the norm for people who have to live a productive lifestyle. Drinking coffee and ...
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What tools to get as a parent

The best tools to get as a parent in 2022

As a parent, you quickly come to release that there are some tools you really need to have. Here is a list of what tools ...
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Why your child is scared at night and how to help

As a parent, I have come to learn about the 3-year-olds fear of the night. It's not the dark itself that my boy or other ...
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Brewing in the cold

This is s post about brewing in the cold and the importance of knowing your equipment. I love my Brewzilla and it's a step up ...
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Should i buy a xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or not

Should i buy a xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or not?

This is a 2 year review and my experience with the XIAOMI S5 (Amazon) robot vacuum cleaner. Answering the question should i buy a Xiaomi ...
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How to fix a Philips hair clipper

This is a guide on how to fix the most likely failure you can encounter on a Philips hair clipper. I got a Philips hair ...
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Top tech to save time as a parent (2022)

As a parent, I have come to love two technologies that have saved me and my wife a lot of time. These are products I ...
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biab vs brewzilla

BIAB vs Brewzilla (Pros & Cons)

The question, BIAB vs Brewzilla, is a question many people have in their minds when starting homebrewing. Should I go with a simple BIAB or ...
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