Why your child is scared at night and how to help

As a parent, I have come to learn about the 3-year-olds fear of the night. It's not the dark itself that my boy or other ...
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Brewing in the cold

This is s post about brewing in the cold and the importance of knowing your equipment. My last brew was a NEIPA, New England Pale ...
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Should i buy a xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or not

Should i buy a xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or not?

This is a 2 year review and my experience with the XIAOMI S5 (Amazon) robot vacuum cleaner. Answering the question should i buy a Xiaomi ...
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How to fix a Philips hair clipper

This is a guide on how to fix the most likely failure you can encounter on a Philips hair clipper. I got a Philips hair ...
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Top tech to save time as a parent 2021

As a parent I have come to love two technologies that have saved me and my wife a lot of time. As a parent in ...
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biab vs brewzilla

BIAB vs Brewzilla (Pros & Cons)

The question, BIAB vs Brewzilla, is a question many people have in their minds when starting homebrewing. Should I go with a simple BIAB or ...
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