How Much Does the Onewheel Weigh? (Pint, XR, Plus and V1)

The different board’s weights are from 23 to 26lb (10.4 to 11.8kg) depending on the model. The Onewheel Pint is the lightest at 23 pounds, three pounds lighter than the bigger XR. Overall the weight difference isn’t that huge but the smaller feels much more nimble to carry around. Looking at the size the Pint is a few inches shorter at 27 inches and rocking a smaller and thinner wheel. The Pint also feels lighter because the handle is to the side compared to XR where you are lifting the board at the nose.

How much does a Onewheel Pint weigh?

Onewheel Pint weight 23 lb (10.4 kg) making it the lightest Onewheel as of today.

How much does a Onewheel+ XR weigh?

Onewheel+ XR weight 27 lb (12.5 kg) making it the heaviest Onewheel.

How much does a Onewheel Plus weigh?

The second version, Onewheel Plus weight 25 lb (11 kg).

How much does a Onewheel V1 weigh?

The first original Onewheel V1 weight 25 lb (11 kg).