Fermzilla Dry Hop Device, Pressurized dry-hopping is now easy!

Kegland has launched a product that makes pressurised dry-hopping a lot easier, reducing the risk of oxidation and the risk of a beer volcano when you are adding your hops. It´s the Dry Hop Device for FermZilla.

Dry Hop Device for FermZilla

The device is a stainless ball valve assembly that has the PCO 1881 female thread on both sides. This makes it possible to put some dry hops into a standard PET bottle, attach it to the ball valve. The Dry Hop Device is then added to your fermenter creating a closed-loop when dry hopping.

To used the Dry Hop Device during pressure fermentation you need to have the PCO 1881 Tee Piece and the Carbonation Cap. The valve needs to be slightly open to let the CO2 move upwards but not the hops dowb. You will have the added advantage that you will be able to use CO2 gas to purge out oxygen from the hops before you dry hop. This assembly makes an inexpensive and very effective dry hopping tool.

The system is designed for hop pellets, DONT use whole hops. It might require a bit of a shake to get all the hops to fall down into the fermenter. Just tap the PET bottle and the hops will fall down into the fermenter through the ball valve.

Advantages of using the Dry Hop Device for FermZilla

  • Reduce the risk of having a beer volcano eruption during dry hopping. This comes from opening the lid and adding the hopes strait into the fermenter. The nucleation points in the hops will make the CO2 that’s suspended in the solution be released and the beer will foam up.
  • Reduce the risk of adding oxygen when adding the hops to your fermenter. The PET bottle with the hop can be purge with CO2 before adding them to the fermenter. If you have the bottle attached from the beginning this space will be purged during the active stage of the fermentation process before you drop them in.

Disadvantage of using the Dry Hop Device for FermZilla

  • The main disadvantage of this device the added height to the fermentor. For brewers like me, this might prevent us to use our current fermenting spaces like my closet or small temperature-controlled fridges.

If you want to know more about pressurised fermentation and the benefits read this post, The 3 proven benefits of pressure fermentation (Time, Esters, Oxidation).

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