The best tools to get as a parent

As a parent, you quickly come to release that there are some tools you really need to have. Here is a list of what tools to get as a parent so you can handle everything from quickly repairing the toy car or wood BRIO railroad that is the difference between a good day or not. The constant change of batteries and in all the toys which you really secretly want to be quiet. It’s a list of what I think is the top 5 most have tools for parents or repairs and DIY.

  1. Set of good screwdrivers
    A set with good quality screwdrivers with all the most common bits is a most to have at home. The most common screws to be removed are Phillips or Torx but sometimes you need other. I would recommend getting a set with the most common security bits if you plan to do some more advanced repairing around the house.
Philips screw head

Philips design is sometimes criticized for its tendency to cam out at lower torque levels than other “cross head” screw designs. A refinement to the original design described in US Patent #2,474,994 in 1949 describes this as a feature. The feature helps during assembling of aluminium aircraft so workers don’t overtighten the fasteners.

  1. Instant glue
    I cannot count the number of times I have used instant glue to repair a toy or an appliance. Instant glues are part of Cyanoacrylates, CA, a family of strong fast-acting adhesives.

Remember that thin layers bond effectively so don’t use thick layers. CA bond easily to many substances, including your human skin so use gloves!

Its use as a temporary adhesive in cases where the piece needs to be sheared off later because of its low shearing strength.

  1. Glue gun
    When instant glue doesn’t do the work and something needs to be glued a glue gun is a good tool. Nowadays there are battery-driven glue-guns like the Ryobi I have in my collections. It’s perfect for a quick fix when a car is broken or to build fun projects with your kid.
    The gun uses hot glue, Hot melt adhesive (HMA), that is a form of thermoplastic adhesive. The glue comes as cylindrical sticks that are loaded into the gun, the trigger pushes the stick into the gun where it is melted at the tip.
Ryobi glue gun
  1. A rotary tool
    One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can get is a rotary tool, which can cut, sand, sharpen, engrave and more. I mostly use it to cut screw sticking out or to make a hole with the cutting disk. Rotary tools are usually referred to as a Dremel, you don’t need to buy a tool from them and there is a lot of good alternatives on the market. Look into what features that will work best for you, such as variable speeds, cordless capabilities, and more.
  1. Cordless Drill/Driver
    There is always something that needs to be hanged up on the wall needing a hole and fasten with a screw. A cordless drill/driver combo is one of the tools you will use most even if you live in an apartment. It doesn’t need to be the best and most expensive brand if you only are going to use it at home. I am using the Ryobi because of the ease of use to get new batteries when the ones I have decided to degenerate. My recommendation is to pick one brand and stick with it. The most expensive part of a power tool is the battery. Every manufacturer has a line of products with a one battery system, Ryobi the ONE+ system can power over 100 different tools with the same battery.
Ryobi cordless drill/driver

This is my top 5 tips that every parent needs to have to handle everyday challenges. It answers the most common on what tools to get as a parent.

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