GT S-Series Motor Now Sold as Standalone Component!

Oskar Fällman

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Onewheel GT S-Series Motor

In a groundbreaking move, Future Motion Inc is listning to the community, the GT S-Series Motor is now available for individual purchase as an off-the-shelf part. Priced at an enticing $850, this motor is compatible with both the GT S-Series and the original GT, offering enthusiasts the flexibility to revamp their vehicles.

Whether you’re looking to repair your S-Series in the comfort of your own garage or seeking an upgrade to enhance low-end torque and thermal performance, this standalone motor opens up a world of possibilities for us GT rider’s.

Upgrading an GT with the GTS motor will give better off-the-line torque and thermal efficiency. The is great as the GT is prone to overheating.

You can get it from the official store at

**Important Note:** All component sales are final, and returns are not available. Make sure to explore the potential of your GT with this exciting new option!

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