My name is Oskar Fällman I’m a System Engineer with a master in Industrial Management and Engineering from LTH, Faculty of Engineering. Specialised in product development and innovation.

Instead of just doing things at home I decided to start sharing my knowledge.

I’m a longtime Personal Electric Veachle user and Onewheel rider, using the board for commuting when the weather is nice. It’s all about making every day count and having fun during the commute. If I’m not using the Onewheel I got an electric scooter, Xiaomi M365, to get me to work.

I have always loved technology and as a parent, I have come to love it even more! Want to know how things can help you in your everyday life? More in Tech for parents.

I’m a homebrewer who has been brewing since 2012. It all started with BIAB as a student and now as time has become more of an essence I have moved over to an automatic homebrew system. More in Brewing.


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