diy battery modification chip

DIY JWFFM Onewheel BMS Pairing Bypass – OWIE

Future Motion has since the introduction of the Onewheel Pint and the later HW on the XR added a paring ...
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Onewheel Pint Range Extender

Full list of Onewheel Pint Range Extender (Battery Upgrade, VnR)

The Onewheel Pint is the entry-level option of the Onewheel boards. It’s cheaper but it comes at the price of ...
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Toyota Corolla Scissor Jack points

2020 Toyota Corolla Tire Jack Points (Complete Guide)

It's a good idea to know how to use the tire jack in case of an emergency or if you ...
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Onewheel: How To Fix A Sensor Problem

Are you having any of the following problems with your Onewheel? Then read this article. Spontaneously shutdown when moving at ...
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Old Tablet as Weather Station Android

Old Tablet – DONT Throw It Away! (What to Do) 2023

When your tablet is getting old and is not up for the latest tasks there is still some life left ...
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What tools to get as a parent

The best tools to get as a parent in 2023

As a parent, you quickly come to release that there are some tools you really need to have. Here is ...
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philips hair clipper

How to fix a Philips hair clipper

This is a guide on how to fix the most likely failure you can encounter on a Philips hair clipper ...
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