Onewheel Troubleshooting Guide

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Onewheel Troubleshooting Guide

It is never fun to have problems with your beloved board. Here is a troubleshooting guide to finding solutions for some of the most common issues you can have with the Onewheel.

If your board is indicating an error code (a yellow or red blinking indicator light) that’s a good way to start. Some problems will not show an error code and might need more investigation.

Onewheel GT Problem red light
Onewheel GT with Red Error Code (Error Code List)
  1. First, is your board blinking yellow/red indicating an error code?
    If yes you can then find the corresponding failure here, The Complete list of Onehweel error codes. It describes the error codes and the most common way to fix them.
  2. Are you having problems with your footpad sensor?
    If you are having problems with your footpad sensor then check this post about how to fix the most common sensor failure on the Onewheel. It´s not uncommon that the board has a hard time activating or you lose pressure on one sensor pad during the ride.
  3. Onewheel rides away by itself. This is described as ghosting and is the most common issue on the Onewheel GT. Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed as there has been a bug fix. There is also a recall issued on the front footpad that holds the sensors, enter your serial number on the official homepage,, to check if you are affected.
  4. Puncture and flat tire?
    We all will have a puncture on our devices at some point. Future Motion has put some slime inside the tire and it will fix most small leakages. Want to learn more read “How to fix a flat tire on your Onewheel (Puncture, Leak)”. If you are frequently having problems the recommendation is to install a better sealant like Armor-Dilloz.
  5. Is your board doing a “Captain Morgan” with almost full battery?
    Then it might be a bad cell. Check out Onewheel nose up with almost full battery (Captain Morgan) explaining how to diagnose your board and fix the problem.
  6. If you have an Onewheel Pint and there is a sound coming from your board when shaking it. Then you most likely got the power button nut. Stop riding, turn it off and fix it, for a complete guide check out, Open Onewheel Pint Controller box (Fix rattle)
  7. Is sound coming from the motor?
    It could be the normal sound coming from the motor. Is the motor working or it could be the hub bolts that are getting untightened? The bolts usually give a more “clicking” sound. Tightening the bolts will fix this issue.

Onewheel Error codes

Error CodeLightbar color# of blinksDescription
4Yellow4Invalid power-up orientation
6Yellow6Motor stall detected
7Yellow7The Footpad sensor pressed on power-up
9Red9Bad accelerometer
10Red10Bad controller
11Red11Bad hall sensor
13, 14Yellow13, 14Over-current detected
15Yellow15Out-of-range battery temperature
16, 22Red16, 22Invalid hardware
17Yellow17Out-of-range battery temperature
18Yellow18Out of range motor temperature
21Yellow21Charger connected
2323Incompatible hardware detected
Error code list

User Community Resources:

Engaging with Onewheel community groups on Facebook and the dedicated subreddit is a valuable resource for Onewheel enthusiasts. These online communities provide a platform for riders to connect, share experiences, and most importantly, collaboratively troubleshoot and solve problems. Here’s why tapping into these user groups can enhance your Onewheel ownership experience:

  1. Collective Wisdom:
    • Onewheel community groups bring together a diverse range of riders with varying levels of experience. This diversity fosters a rich pool of knowledge and insights, allowing you to benefit from the collective wisdom of the community.
  2. Real-World Solutions:
    • Users often share their real-world experiences and solutions to common issues. This firsthand knowledge can be incredibly valuable when faced with a problem, as it provides practical insights into what has worked for others.
  3. Timely Support:
    • The immediacy of online communities ensures that you can receive prompt assistance when encountering issues. Fellow riders are often quick to offer advice, share troubleshooting steps, or point you to relevant resources.
  4. Updates and Announcements:
    • Community groups are dynamic hubs for staying informed about the latest firmware updates, recalls, and official announcements from the manufacturer. This ensures you are well-informed about any developments related to your Onewheel model.
  5. Safety Tips and Best Practices:
    • Discussions within these communities often extend beyond problem-solving to include safety tips, riding techniques, and best practices. Engaging with these conversations can contribute to a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.
  6. Networking and Events:
    • Beyond problem-solving, Onewheel communities facilitate networking with riders in your local area. You may discover group rides, events, or even connect with riders who share similar riding preferences.

To leverage these community resources effectively, consider joining Facebook groups dedicated to Onewheel riders and participating in discussions on the Onewheel subreddit. Your fellow riders are not just a source of technical know-how but also a supportive community that shares the passion for the Onewheel riding experience. Embrace the collective knowledge, camaraderie, and shared enthusiasm within these online spaces to enhance your Onewheel journey.

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