Onewheel Tire Pressure Calculator

The general rule for setting the tire pressure on the Onewheel is to take your weight in lbs and divide it by 10. Remember to include the weight of the protective gear, shoes and clothes. For more carving go a bit higher pressure or reduce it to gain stability.

There’s some wiggle room for personal preference, so try and change the pressure up and down to get a feel for it.

The tire pressure makes a significant difference to the riding experience of the Onewheel, it affects the range, top speed, tire wear and ride quality. Higher pressure is better for the range and makes the tire more round increasing the carvability. Reducing the pressure will make the tire more flat increasing the stability and add traction to the road.

It’s recommended to use a lower tier pressure for beginners to get a more stable ride.

Xiaomi Air Inflator

For street riding use higher tire pressure and lower it when hitting the trails. If you change your ride settings often it’s a good idea to invest in a digital battery-driven pump like Xiaomi Air Inflator. I have this one in my backpack at all times, to adjust the tire pressure or if needed pump some more air into it in case of a leak.

Future motion recommendation for tire pressure

A lot of users are running with tire pressure well above the recommendation from Future Motion. Do this at your own risk.

⚠ WARNING: Exceeding the recommended maximum pressure of 20 PSI (1.4 bar) could damage your Onewheel Pint and result in injury. It will also void your warranty.

⚠ CAUTION: Tire pressure makes a significant difference to your Onewheel Pint’s range, top speed, tire wear and ride quality.

⚠ CAUTION: Riding your Onewheel Pint with a flat or under-inflated tire will void your warranty.

⚠ CAUTION: Pencil-type automotive tire gauges can be inaccurate. Always use a quality digital gauge.

Future Motion Tire Pressure for Onwheel

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