JWFFM Chip by JW Batteries

jwffm chip post

Future Motion Inc. has with the latest hardware versions on both the Onewheel XR and Pint paired the BMS and Controller to hinder battery upgrades and repairs. The JWFFM Chip allows Onewheel owners the possibility to upgrade their Onewheels with extended battery options and fix the boards. IMPORTANT: JW Batteries is in no way affiliated … Read more

Onewheel Troubleshooting Guide

Onewheel Troubleshooting Guide

There is never fun to have problems with your beloved device. Here is a guide to finding solutions for some of the most common troubles you can have. If your board is indicating an error code, that’s a good way to start. Some problems will not show and might need more investigation. First, are your … Read more

How to clean the Onewheel grip tape

how clean onewheel grip tape

If your grip tape is dirty it’s way better to clean it compared to change it out. The Onewheel front footpad has a sensor underneath it and removing the tape is a delicate procedure. You should always try to clean the grip tape to try and restore it as the first step and once your … Read more

JW Batteries sued by Future Motion

JW batteries sued over JWFFM

JW Batteries sued by Future Motion over JWFFM chip The latest company to get sued by Future Motion Inc. is JW Batteries around their JWFFM chip. The chip enables the external or larger batteries to be used in the Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR, and basically bypassing the parring between the BMS and controller. This … Read more

One wheel skateboard (Onewheel alternative)

One wheel skateboard

When you are thinking about a one-wheeled skateboard must people think about the Onewheel from Future Motion Inc. They were not the first to invent the one wheel skateboard, see more in the History of Onehweel, but they were the first company to commercialize the product to the market. Since then there has come a … Read more

Onewheel XR Hardware versions

Onewheel XR hardware versions

The most common question related to the Onewheel XR hardware version is to check if you are able to use battery modifications to extend the range of the device. There are also some hardware related issues that you should know if you are planning to buy a used Onewheel. Onewheel XR known hardware version issues … Read more