Onewheel GT Footpad Recall 2022

Onewheel GT Footpad Recall

In august 2022 Future Motion Inc did at last issue a recall for the footpads of the Onewheel GT. The footpads have been responsible for ghosting boards and many users have reported injuries when trying to dismount their boards. It is a voluntary recall of the front footpads for the Onewheel GT, done in cooperation … Read more

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for

Onewheel GT Overheating (How To FIX)

Onewheel GT Overheating

One of the problems with running a Onewheel in a hot climate or up a steep hill is the risk of overheating either the battery or the motor. Overheating has not been a frequent problem with the XR but has become an increasing issue with the Onewheel GT. In the manual it’s stated that riding … Read more

Onewheel Hill Climb (What to think about)

Onewheel Hill Climb

The Onewheel is not built to tackle the steepest of hills, the specifications state no higher than 15%. Still, with the launch of the Onewheel GT the added power definitely helps the board to tackle the incline. Down in the article, there are some tips for riding up a hill. There is some downside of … Read more

Armor-Dilloz releases Ferrofluid for Onewheel (ArmorChilloz FluxFluid)

Onewheel Motor Hub

Armor-Dilloz is the first company to sell and market ferrofluid specifically for the Onewheel, as they have done with their Red Armor-Dilloz Onewheel Tire Sealant. Their new product is the ArmorChilloz FluxFluid a hydrocarbon-based ferrofluid that retails for $30.00. You can find ArmorChilloz on their official homepage over here. Ferrofluids are used to help transfer … Read more

First third-party Onewheel GT Tire is Soon to be Released (Enduro Tire)

Onewheel GT Tire Enduro

With the launch of the Onewheel GT Future Motion decided to add a custom, proprietary, tire to the board. Before this, all Onewheels had used standard Go-Kart tires, readily available at different third-party tire manufacturers around the world. With the new hub dimensions, 6.5”, the only tire that was available at launch is the standard threaded … Read more