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The only real component that will wear out and is considered consumable on the Oura ring is the battery, The ring got a 22mAh Lipo battery that’s non-replaceable, when the battery is worn down the ring will stop working.

The advertised battery life of the ring is 4-7 days. This is the battery life you can expect from the ring when it’s new, and it will go down during the years of use.

Battery specifications:
Rechargeable Lipo battery, 15mAh (US6) – 22mAh (US13), non-replaceable

Because the battery inside the ring can not be replaced it’s important to keep it in a good state, there are some best practices for charing the Oura ring that can be found here. The key points are not to fully drain or leave the battery for a longer period of time in a drained or fully charged state. Charing the ring correctly will prolong the lifetime and reduce the most common issues with the battery.

The battery will last and have a lifespan of at least 2-3 years, Many users have had the Oura ring generation 2 since the launch in 2018 and it’s still working, even if there is a need to charge it every night.

What to Expect from Your Oura Ring Battery

The Oura ring will on average last 4-7 days. The different ring sizes will have a slightly different battery capacity 15mAh (US6) – 22mAh (US13). The time will also vary depending on several factors, such as the age of your ring, how often you make use of daytime features, and if you take naps throughout your day. Features like meditation sessions, SpO2 or Live Heart Rate features will increase the battery drain as your ring is actively collecting data from its LED and temperature sensors. If you are using these features then expect to charge the ring more often.

All rechargeable batteries are consumables and will have a limited lifespan as their capacity and performance gradually decline over time. There are things to keep in mind to try and reduce the wear and boost the battery’s lifespan. Read this article for the best practices for charging the ring.

Prevent Damage to Your Battery

There are a couple of factors that may lead to battery damage and should be avoided if you can. They are listed below.

  • Leaving your ring on the charger for a period of time greater than one week. Charging the Oura ring while it’s at maximum capacity for extended periods of time can reduce battery life substantially.
  • Long exposure to extreme temperatures (hot/freezing). Lipo batteries don’t like to be exposed to extreme temperatures and this can damage the cells inside.
  • Allowing your ring’s battery to reach 0% can affect the performance and lifespan of the battery.
  • The charger’s USB power cord is intended to be supplied by an external 5VDC supply that complies with IEC 62368-1 standard. The power available to the equipment should not exceed 15W after 3 seconds.

Taking A Break From Wearing Your Ring?

If you plan on taking a break from wearing your ring, we recommend placing your ring in Power Saving Mode before storing it to protect the battery capacity from deteriorating. Having the battery in the wrong state will drastically decrease the lifespan of the battery.

For more information on how to properly store your ring to preserve your battery health, read this article on power-saving mode.

Oura Ring Battery Warranty

All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan, so their capacity and performance will gradually decline over time. This is why battery replacement is not included in the standard warranty policy for the Oura ring. If you are having problems then you can contact Oura by submitting a request to them to start your warranty replacement.

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