Electric scooter Safety gear

Electric scooter Safety gear List

When commuting to work or riding an electric scooter like the Xiaomi m365 I always use some basic safety gear ...
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car wash

Car washing at home (with RO-water)

When cleaning the car there are some important steps to follow, rinse, soap, rinse, protect and dry. For this, you ...
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Ikea Förnuftig

Hands-on the IKEA Förnuftig air purifier (Price, Spec, Sound)

During the pandemic and the Coronavirus, the market for air purifiers has grown and the interest in clean air indoors ...
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protective gear onewheel

Onewheel Safety gear for commuting

When commuting to work my main means of transportation is a PEV, Personal Electric Vehicle, of either an electric scooter, ...
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Afterhokz openmove onewheel

Best safe headphones for electric scooter or Onewheel (2021)

Commuting with electric transportation like an electric scooter or Onewheel makes you silent for pedestrians, bikes or other vehicles. This ...
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cast iron scrubber

How to clean a cast iron pan with a chain mail scrubber

Sometimes a low tech solution can have a great result, like the chain mail scrubber for cast iron pans and ...
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m365 Upgrades

Xiaomi m365: 9 Upgrades and accessories (2021)

There are some upgrades and accessories that are considered by the community to be a must-have for the Xiaomi m365 ...
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Xiaomi m365

Ultimate Xiaomi m365 Maintenance Guide

Using the Xiaomi m365 every day when getting to work, in the sunshine, heavy rain and even in wintertime in ...
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what to do with an old tablet

Best tips on what to do with an old tablet

When the tablet is getting old and not are up for the latest tasks there is still some life left ...
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center align images on mobile

How to center align images on mobile devices

So I had this question when writing for this blog. How to center align images on mobile displays. All my ...
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