Onewheel Pint

Onewheel Information (FAQ)

The Onewheel skateboard is an electric personal vehicle also known as a compact mobile last-mile device. It’s a self-balancing board where you stand like on …
Onewheel Motor Hub

Armor-Dilloz releases Ferrofluid for Onewheel (ArmorChilloz FluxFluid)

Armor-Dilloz is the first company to sell and market ferrofluid specifically for the Onewheel, as they have done with their ...
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Onewheel GT Tire Enduro

First third-party Onewheel GT Tire is Soon to be Released (Enduro Tire)

With the launch of the Onewheel GT Future Motion decided to add a custom, proprietary, tire to the board. Before ...
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Onewheel Demo Tour 2022 Paris

First International Event added to the Onewheel Demo Tour 2022 (Paris)

Future Motion Inc, the company behind the Onewheel, is adding Europe to its large-scale demo tour during 2022. Paris will ...
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Onewheel at river

11 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Onewheel

The Onewheel is really a fun, unique but expensive device, that's why we are going to tell you 11 things ...
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Onewheel GT FlightFender system

Onewheel GT Flight Fins FlightFender System 

FlighFins has released the preorder for the first batch of their new FlighFender system for the Onewheel GT. The preorder ...
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JW Batteries vs Future Motion Dismissed

JW Batteries and the Onewheel Lawsuit (Dismissed) (Future Motion v. JW Batteries)

On the 2nd of May the Future Motion's case against JW Batteries was dismissed on jurisdiction grounds by the district ...
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Onewheel Facts

5 Amazing Accomplishments by the Onewheel Community (Facts)

In June 2021 Onewheel has been ridden more than 50-million miles since the start of 2014. The miles correspond to ...
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First Firmware update onewheel GT Cassiopeia 6100

First official Firmware update for Onewheel GT (Cassiopeia – 6100)

20220422 - The first official firmware update for the Onewheel GT was released, the Cassiopeia - 6.1.00. The firmware update ...
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GT40 Aluminum Protector (Onewheel)

GT40 Aluminum Protector Review (Onewheel)

The battery extension I use on my Onewheel Pint is the GT40 from GTMOD. It’s an external pack that you ...
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Onewheel GT Problems

Future Motion Inc under Investigation (Right to Repair)

The right to repair and counter measurements deployed by Future Motion Inc has made them target for lawfirms and people ...
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Onewheel Manual

Onewheel Manual (Pint, Pint X, XR, GT)

For any new riders, it’s recommended to read the manual for the Onewheel. It explains some of the basic information ...
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First Official Response from Future Motion

First Official Response from Future Motion (Conversation with Kyle, Right-to-Repair)

Apr 5, 2022 - Future Motion has made its first official response around the problems the Onewheel GT has been ...
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Riding the Onewheel Backwards

Riding the Onewheel Backwards (Switch, Fakie)

The Onewheel can ride in either direction, forward or backwards, unlike some of the electric skateboards out there. The normal ...
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Future Motion Testing the Onewheel During Manufacturing

How Future Motion is Testing the Onewheel During Manufacturing

There is a common practice to test the different components of a device during the manufacturing process and then do ...
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Onewheel GTR GTXR

Onewheel GTR GTXR

The Onewheel GT comes with a 6.5-inch tire as stock, making it impossible at the current state to get any ...
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Future Motion Customer Service

Future Motion Onewheel Customer Service (Support, Email, Phone, Submit Request)

If you are having any problems with your order, device or purchase contact Future Motion Incsupport by either email, request ...
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Onewheel FedEx

Onewheel FedEx (Shipping Embargo)

Future Motion is changing their shipping carrier from FedEx to UPS, still, there can be more things behind the switch ...
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Onewheel GT Problems

Onewheel GT Problems (Known List)

The Onewheel GT has been released for a couple of weeks and here is the list of common problems with ...
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Onewheel layer of dust

The Onewheel comes with a layer of dust (Don’t panic)

There is nothing like ordering a new thing and then having to wait for it to arrive, the Onewheel is ...
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Onewheel GT HW SW Firmware Versions

Onewheel GT Hardware and Firmware Versions

The Onewheel GT has not been released for so long and has one official HW version and a couple of ...
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