Onewheel history

The history of the one-wheeled board and the Onewheel!

Who invented the one-wheeled board? Trevor Blackwell (born 4 November 1969, in Canada) is considered one of the forefront people enabling the making of a ...
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Onewheel application alternative

Onewheel application alternatives (OWCE, POWeel, OneWave)

Do you want to have an alternative to the official Onewheel application or want to add some new features is a good idea to look ...
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Hillbilly and Fxnction shredder wrist guards

Are Hillbilly and Fxnction shredder wrist guards the same glove?

The question is the Hillbilly wrist guard gloves and the F(x)nction shredder wrist guards the same glove. The Hillbilly wristguard has been a popular glove ...
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onewheel weight

How Much Does the Onewheel Weigh? (Pint, XR, Plus and V1)

The different board's weights are from 23 to 26lb (10.4 to 11.8kg) depending on the model. The Onewheel Pint is the lightest at 23 pounds, ...
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best shoes for onewheel

Best shoes for Onewheel

As Onehweel has opened the field for many new riders who never have skated before it's actually a good question to ask, what's the best ...
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onewheel goofy or regular

Foot placement on a Onewheel (are you goofy or regular?)

The first thing before stepping onto a Onewheel is to work out which foot do you want to have at the front, leading foot. If ...
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