Onewheel power surge

Onewheel power surge (What, Why, Prevent)

The Onewheel power surge is the phenomenon when the board feels like it's pulsing, surging when riding. It's a feature designed to keep the balance ...
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Onewheel Nosedive

The mechanics of the Onewheel nosedive

If you don't respect or try and push the limits of the board, then you most likely will encounter a nosedive at some time during ...
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Onewheel GT Threaded vs Slick

Onewheel GT Threaded vs Slick Tire?

When it comes to buying the Onewheel GT there is an option to decide what type of tire to have on the board. You can ...
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drain onewheel battery

How to drain a Onewheel battery

The best way to drain a Onewheel battery is to ride it down. Put on your gear and head out for a while and let ...
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balance onewheel battery

How to balance a Onewheel battery

Everyone battery will need to be balanced at some point in time the more you ride the more often you should do it. To balance ...
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Onewheel GT

Onewheel GT shipping date

The latest board from Future Motion is planned to be shipping end of January 2022. Early buyers who bought the board on the launch date ...
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