Onewheel GT Footpad Recall

Onewheel GT Footpad Recall 2022

In august 2022 Future Motion Inc did at last issue a recall for the footpads of the Onewheel GT. The footpads have been responsible for ...
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Oura Ring On Table

Oura Ring Battery (Complete Guide)

The only real component that will wear out and is considered consumable on the Oura ring is the battery, The ring got a 22mAh Lipo ...
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oura ring charger flashing red light

Oura Ring Charger Flashing Red Light (Troubleshooting)

It’s a known issue that the Oura ring gen3 charger can start flashing red. Many users have reported their Oura rings starting to blink red ...
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Sweden parking driving ban for electric scooters on footpaths

Sweden Enforces Parking And Driving Ban For Electric Scooters On Sidewalks

People driving electric scooters on footpaths have become a growing problem across the world. In an attempt to fix the issue the Swedish government has ...
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Oura Ring Charging

Oura Ring Charging (Information & Best Practices)

When charing your Oura ring there is some best practice to follow to try and maximize the lifetime of the ring. The battery is the ...
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Oura Ring power saving mode for storage

Oura Ring Power Saving Mode

The Oura ring power saving mode is used if you plan to take a longer break from wearing your Oura Ring. The mode will keep ...
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Gucci x Oura Ring

Gucci x Oura Ring

Oura has started a collaboration with Gucci launching a special edition Gucci x Oura Ring. The Gucci x Oura Ring takes the high technology ring ...
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Oura Ring Blood Oxygen Sensing

Oura Ring – Blood Oxygen Sensing (Blood Oxygen Level SpO2)

Oura has added a new feature to their Oura Ring 3, Blood Oxygen Sensing, measuring the blood oxygen level (SpO2). This feature enabled the ring ...
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Oura ring with many micro scratches

How To Remove Scratches From Oura Ring

The Oura ring is designed to be worn all day long, 24/7. This will result in the ring getting scratched while you are working, doing ...
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Oura ring in the trash

How To Find A Lost Oura Ring (Complete Guide) 2022

Many people, the author included, have had instances where the ring slipped out of the finger and got lost. The ring doesn't have a GPS ...
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Oura Ring colors silver black stealth gold

Oura Ring Colors (What To Think Of Before Buying)

The Oura Ring 3 is made of titanium and is available in four colors, silver, black, stealth, and gold. There are a couple of things ...
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Oura Ring Waterproof In Glass Of Water

Is The Oura Ring Waterproof (Swim, Shower, Washing)

Yes, the Oura Ring is waterproof and water-resistant down to ~330 ft. (100m). The water resistance grade applies to normal usage making it perfect to ...
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Onewheel Pint Battery Box Aluminium Lid

Why Onewheel Battery Case Shows Signs Of Discolour / Corrosion

Don't panic if your Onewheel Pint or GTs battery case is showing signs of discolouring or white corrosion. The new boards use an aluminium lid ...
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change filter ikea fornuftig

How Often To Replace HEPA Filter In Air Purifier

Air purifiers use a couple of different filters for trapping the dust, pollen and pet hair floating around your home. The different filters are designed ...
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Onewheel GT Overheating

Onewheel GT Overheating (How To FIX)

One of the problems with running a Onewheel in a hot climate or up a steep hill is the risk of overheating either the battery ...
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Garmin Venu with box on table

How To Pair Garmin Venu / Venu 2 / Venu Sq (Complete Guide)

The Garmin Venu can easily be connected with the Garmin Connect™ app on either iPhone or Android. It uses Bluetooth to easily make the connection ...
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How To Pair Garmin Vivosmart

How To Pair a Garmin Vivosmart (Complete Guide) 2022

The Garmin Vivosmart can easily be connected with the Garmin Connect™ app on either iPhone or Android. It uses Bluetooth to easily make the connection ...
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Onewheel Hill Climb

Onewheel Hill Climb (What to think about)

The Onewheel is not built to tackle the steepest of hills, the specifications state no higher than 15%. Still, with the launch of the Onewheel ...
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How To Pair Garmin Forerunner

How To Pair a Garmin Forerunner (Complete Guide) 2022

The Garmin Forerunner can easily be connected with the Garmin Connect™ app on either iPhone or Android. It uses Bluetooth to easily make the connection ...
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Bose Headphones and Earbuds Manuals

Bose Headphones and Earbuds Manuals (List) 2022

Sometimes you forget the manual for your new headphones, or it's actually the first thing you throw in the trash to release that you need ...
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