floatwheel adv pro on ground

Floatwheel adv / adv Pro (Onewheel Killer?)

The team behind the Floatwheel has made it again and launching a totally new board that's built from the ground up, Floatwheel adv and the ...
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Onewheel Troubleshooting Guide

Onewheel Troubleshooting Guide

There is never fun to have problems with your beloved board. Here is a troubleshooting guide to finding solutions for some of the most common ...
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One wheel skateboard

Best Onewheel Alternatives (List Of One Wheel Skateboards) 2022

When you are thinking about a one-wheeled skateboard must people think about the Onewheel from Future Motion Inc. They were not the first to invent ...
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onewheel off road

Onewheel Off-Road (Trail Riding Tips)

After mastering your Onewheel on the pavement it's time to hit some trails, here is where the real fun begins! All Onewheels are great all-terrain ...
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Onewheel GT covered with dollar bill

How Much Does a Onewheel Cost? (Expensive, But Worth The Money)

Riding on a Onewheel is a great way to travel around the city and its lightweight body makes it one of the most portable electric ...
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best shoes for onewheel

Best shoes for Onewheel in (Complete Guide) 2022

As Onehweel has opened the field for many new riders who never have skated before it's actually a good question to ask, what are the ...
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Onewheel Black Friday Sale 2022

Onewheel Black Friday Sale 2022 – Promotions & Discounts

Buying a new Onewheel it’s quite an expensive purchase so any discount is welcome. Future Motion Inc, the owner of Onewheel, usually does only one ...
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Oura Horizon hand near water and ring standing on roll

Oura Gen3 Horizon – The Round Ring

The Oura team has introduced their latest model of the generation 3 ring. The Horizon, changes the shape of the now iconic Gen 2 and ...
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Oura ring manual, ring laying on street

Oura Ring Manual (Information & Overview)

The Oura Ring is easy to set up and for most things, you will not need the manual. The application will guide you along the ...
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Oura ring charger on table

Oura Ring Charger Replacement

The Oura Ring uses a charging dock specifically made for the ring. It uses wireless charging to recharge the ring's battery. It’s not possible to ...
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Oura Ring On Ground

Oura Ring Warranty (What To Know)

If you are having any problems with your ring it’s always a good thing to look into the warranty to understand if you are covered ...
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Oura Ring Celebrities post picture

Oura Ring Celebrities and Influencers List (Why They Use It)

Many celebrities have started to use the Oura ring to track their sleep patterns. Prince Harry has used it for a long time, and others ...
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Onewheel Application Onewheel Segments

Onewheel Segments (New Feature)

Future Motion Inc has added a new feature in the Onewheel app called Segments, it works as follows. The Segments feature lets you break down ...
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Oura ring internet shopping

DON’T Purchase an Oura Ring from Amazon/eBay or 3rd Party Sites

The Oura Ring can be purchased on the official Oura webshop Ouraring.com or the authorized dealers Indigo.com, Goop.com, and Gucci.com (Gucci X Oura Ring). Any ...
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Oura Ring Sizing Kit

Oura Ring Sizing (Tips for Determining Your Size)

It's important to choose the correct size for your Oura ring for it to function properly. When ordering the ring your will get a ring ...
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Oura ring in hand

Oura Ring Subscription (Monthly & Lifetime)

With the introduction of the Oura Ring Gen 3, the whole business model for the company was changed. Oura has never exclusively been a tech ...
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Onewheel GT in woods, circle around front foodpad

Onewheel GT Footpad Recall 2022

In august 2022 Future Motion Inc did at last issue a recall for the footpads of the Onewheel GT. The footpads have been responsible for ...
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Oura Ring On Table

Oura Ring Battery (Complete Guide)

The only real component that will wear out and is considered consumable on the Oura ring is the battery, The ring got a 22mAh Lipo ...
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oura ring charger flashing red light

Oura Ring Charger Flashing Red Light (Troubleshooting)

It’s a known issue that the Oura ring gen3 charger can start flashing red. Many users have reported their Oura rings starting to blink red ...
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Electric scooter laying on stairs on footpath

Sweden Enforces Parking And Driving Ban For Electric Scooters On Sidewalks

People driving electric scooters on footpaths have become a growing problem across the world. In an attempt to fix the issue the Swedish government has ...
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