Onewheel GT (Information, Specs, Features)

The Onewheel GT is the new flagship model from Future Motion Inc, replacing the Onewheel XR as the king of the throne. The first board was shipped on 07 Mars 2022.

The Onewheel GT is a redesign, taking the best part from the Onewheel Pint and paring it with an updated powertrain, battery and controller. Bringing more power and a new feature to the Onewheel community.

A totally new board

The reason for this delay is most likely that the Onewheel GT is a totally new redesign of the powertrain and battery. The upgraded cells and controller will give the board a power boost of 50%, going from a peak power of 2  to 3 horsepowers. This with only a slight increase of the top speed.

The GT is packing what looks like a 18s2 battery of 21700 cells that has a nominal voltage of 3.7V-4.2 depending on charge level giving the board a good increase in the Voltage rating.

The advertised Onewheel GT top speed is 20mph. Giving some headroom of the available torque of the motor to climb obstacles or potholes.

The available power will make the board much safer and reduce the risk of a nosedive. The pushback will be more pronounced and more like the Pint than the XR, if you want to know more read about the pushback here.

Starting Price$2.200
Range20-32 miles (32-52km)
Top Speed20mph (32km/h)
3hp max Power
Motor:750W Hypercore® hub motor
Battery:NMC: 21700
Charge Time200min
Tire11.5″ x 6.5-6.5″ Onewheel
Round profile
Dimension9.5” x 29.5”
Onewheel GT Specifications

The new upgraded battery comes with an increase of the charge time, If the board is drained the time is 200 minutes with the standard charger or 90 minutes with Optional GT Hypercharger (~$200).

Onewheel GT price

You cannot buy and get your hands on the board. There are working prototypes in the wild and Future Motion Inc has showcased the board in the desert. The current price is set to $2.200 for the basic board.

The GT Freeride Bundle with a treaded tire would set you back $2.635, including a fender, bumpers, rail guard and the hypercharger. The hypercharger is optional and set you back $200.

Onewheel GT Treaded Tire Option

Onewheel GT treaded tire

With the Onewheel GT it’s the first time Future Motion Inc is selling a board with a treaded tire. The cost for the upgrade is $50, something I highly would recommend for anyone planning to ride off-road. At the current time, there are no aftermarket tires on the market as Future Motion Inc has chances the wheel dimensions to a non-standard Go-Kart format.

Onewheel GT accessories

As the board is a total redesign non of the old accessories for either the XR or Pint will not work for the new board.

Sadly is will result in no fangs for the GT in a while. The added two wheels in front are something many riders, including myself, have added to their board. The fangs will not prevent a nosedive, it will give you a chance to ride it out.

Hopefully, there will be a reduced need for fangs with the added power and torque of the GT. This is for sure something that will be tested when the board hits the market and we can review it.

The Onewheel GT will come with both front and back bumpers installed. Buying one of the more expensive packages will include a spare set. There is also the possibility to buy new bumpers directly from Future Motion when you need them down the road. They come as a set, usually, the back bumper will take more hits and wear down faster than the front.

Digital Shaping 3.0

The board will come with a new Digital Shaping 3.0. This will include the simplestop feature from the Pint. Simplestop will help new riders when they try out the board and make this beast a bit more user-friendly. I did disabled simple stop from my Pint after a while to enable riding backwards.

Check this breakdown if you are wondering what the difference is between the old Onewheel XR and the GT.

The Digital Shaping 3.0 comes with new modes for the Onewheel GT. It now has six riding styles and a custom setting if you fully want to customize your ride. Read more about the difference between the modes in the breakdown, Onewheel GT riding modes.

New feature in the Onewheel GT

The Onewheel GT comes with a couple of new features like the 90% charge limit, Safety Beep and adjustable headlights. These features are related to the new controller and power train and sadly will not be possible to retrofit into the older devices.

90% charging limit

The GT comes with a feature that the community have asked for for a long time. It’s now possible to enable the board to only charge to 90% of the battery capacity. This will drastically increase the lifetime of the battery pack and also help people who live on hills and need to start their ride going downhill.

Going downhill with a fully charged board will lead to an overcharge push back and might even damage the board. This is therefore a really good feature that Future Motion has developed and implemented into the new powertrain and controller. Read more about the new feature charge limiter to 90% and how to enable it.

Onewheel GT limit 90% charge
Onewheel GT limit 90% charge

Safety Beep

Another new feature is the Safety Beep, a requested feature by the Onewheel Community. The feature produces an audible indication as you approach the board’s limits. This is something that the EUC community have had for a long time and are considered standard on the wheels.

Read more about the Safety Beep.

Adjustable headlights

The headlights are not only 300% brighter than the XR, the brightness can now be adjusted in the application to suit your current riding environment. This is a great new feature of the GT.

Read more about the new headlights

Onewheel GT Weight Limit

The weight limit for the Onewheel GT is according to Future Motion Inc is 275 lbs (~125kg). It has been tested and rated for this weight but will handle a higher weight. The drawback will be reduced range and quicker wear and tear of the wheel. So heavier riders may notice decreased range and hill-climbing capability.

It’s a good thing that the higher available power and torque from the board has increased the Onewheel GT weight capacity when compared to the XR.

If you are uncertain of the correct tire pressure use the Onewheel Tire Pressure Calculator, it works both in SI and imperial units.


The Onewheel GT is water-resistant and not waterproof. Looking at the refinement of the GT from a build point of view it follows the path of the Pint and Pint X. The controller and battery apartments are built with the same updated design increasing the water resistance compared to the XR.

Onewheel GT control box

These boards are a step forward when compared to the XR. Still, the boards are not waterproof and there is always the risk of water getting into the motor at the sealed bearings. There will come bearing cover kits when the third-party companies are getting their hands on the wheel.

Onewheel GT Frequently asked questions

Check out the short review and test of the Onewheel GT done by Tyler James.

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When Onewheel GT ships (Shipped In Mars 2022)

The model was announced during autumn 2021 and the current shipping date of the Onewheel GT is late January. People that have pre-ordered the board was getting an estimated shipping date of around 25 January 2022. The first board did hit customers’ hands on the 07 Mars 2022.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for