Buying a used Onewheel (Guide)

With the launch of the two new boards by Future Motion Inc. the Onewheel GT and Onewheel Pint X the marketplaces are getting flooded with used Onewheel’s.

The used Onewheels are holding their values for quite some time but at this time and place, there are deals to be found. Keep in mind as always, if it’s too good to be true it’s most likely a scam.

Why buy a used boad? – Benefits of The Used Market

The Onewheel boards have been keeping their values and buying used has most of the time being at a low discount. What has been possible to do is snag a board with a lot of accessories for a reasonable price. As Onehweels are a niche market, accessories are prices quite high and a fully kited board can easily add $300-400 to the already high initial investment if you buy the board new.

Many sellers don’t know how to price their kited boards giving you, the buyer, an advantage. This also means that there is often usually is not a big difference between a non-kitted and a fully kitted board with accessories included. Give you a good discount if you can find the deal.

It’s also not a big difference on the miles of the board, try and find a lightly used Onewheel if you know have patient. As Future Motion has a non-return policy if you have ridden the board, it’s therefore not unusual to find a board with less than 20 miles for around 30% off the list price.

How to buy a used Onewheel

I would always try to meet the seller If you’re buying a used Onewheel. This is to get a feel for the seller and the most important thing, to try the board before purchasing it. Meeting the seller also removes the most common scam, a downpayment and no goods.

I will never recommend anyone to buy a Onewheel directly online with no other verification, the only place you could do this is if you are using Ebay and then only with their payment options and PayPal. This will guarantee some buyer protections as they hold the money before paying out to the seller.

Never pay outside Ebays pavement system.

The key takeaway is to just have common sense, trust your gut and be patient. Even a used Onehweel Pint is still an expensive purchase don’t make a rash decision.

Key Questions to Ask:

There is always some key question to ask

First about the original puchaes of the board

  • Did you buy it new, when and from where?
    Footplate, battery, and tire have a 6 month warranty. Everything else is one year. The warranty is transferrable. For more information read about the Onewheel warranty here
  • Can I get the receipt? Copy or email ? (you should always try and get the receipt or at least a email confimation.
    • Any of the original paper work or box?
  • Is it comming with the original charger?

About the board

  • How many miles?
  • Any accessories? Usualy yhe acessories are in the listing. They are quite expensive and will ad to the overall cost of a new device.
  • Has it ever been in water?
  • Are there any issues with it?

The purchase

  • Why are you selling it? If its a <20miles its usually beacuse of a bad fall or injuray
  • Always to negoatioe for a lower price
  • Last decide on what kind of payment

Milage on the board – How many miles is good for used Onewheel?

If you are buying a low milage board, 500 miles, then you shouldn’t see any major damage. It’s normal with wear and tears on the bottom of the board, sides and fender from the board rolling around. These scuffs are considered normal wear and tear.

It’s always a plus if the board has side- and float plates installed, then it should look good underneath as the board is protected against the normal tears.

For a higher milage Onewheel, between 500-1500 miles, it’s important to understand how much maintenance and how the owner has treated the board. It is always a plus if bearing protection has been installed as the motor is prone to water damage and if it has been waterproof with a badger kit. You should take a look at the condition of the tire. A too low inflated tire might be rolling on its last miles. Check out when to replace a tire for more information

For Onewheel above 1500 miles then it becomes important to get information around what has been replaced or not. Has the tire been replaced and when. Is the board running on its original battery or has it been replaced? Has the motor got new bearings? A really old board can come with items that soon need to be replaced.

Get the original receipt and check the warranty

All Onewheel’s come with a one year warranty or 2000km / 1243 miles that covers any faulty parts or software. Certain replacements like footpad, tire and battery pack have only 6 months. To find out more check the Onewheel warranty and what’s covered.

Spotting a Scam

There has been an increase of scams going around targeting Onehweels. Look out for listing without any real pictures (most scammers steal pictures). A good test is to ask for a specific picture taken and that will make it hard for them to fake, so try and get multiple pictures of the same board.

Boards with really low mileage for a too good to be true price is also a telling sign, especially if they want a downpayment to hold the board. Never accept a downpayment and I recommend if possible to meet the person to try the board before buying.

If you are using Ebay, make sure to go through the official payment system, if the seller asks to go outside because of reduced fees, don’t accept that offer. You are not guarded Ebay and they will not help you.

The same goes for any payment in alternative methods like Bitcoins. It’s untraceable and you have no control of the transaction after sending it.

Trust your gut, always remember to think rationally and critically about the offer.

Checking the Hardware Version

It’s a good idea to download the Onewheel app on your phone to check the board before buying. To confirm which hardware version the board has, go to the Onewheel app, navigate to Board Settings.

The hardware version is mostly considered if you are buying a Onewheel XR. This is because during the different versions Future Motion Inc. has added features to make it harder for people to add modifications to their boards. To read more about the different versions check out the Onehweel XR hardware version list.

In short, the hardware version 4209 is considered the golden version and with this and anything lower you can still do extended battery mods without the need of an external chip like the one from JW Batteries JWFFM.

To check out the different hardware versions of the Pint. The Pint needs a chip for any battery extension.

Uncertain of what model to get? check this post on deciding what Onewheel is right for you.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for