The Best Onewheel Safety Gear in 2023 (Elbow/Knee Pads, Helmet, Wristguard)

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When commuting to work my main means of transportation are a PEV, a Personal Electric Vehicle, my Onewheel Pint, or an electric scooter, the Xiaomi m365. Both transportations require some safety equipment to keep me safe. Safety gear is always up to everyone and personal preferences, here is what I use daily with my Onewheel.

The key thing to keep safe is the head with a helmet, if you are commuting with a laptop a hardshell backpack with back support is also a given. Depending on the transportation method wristguards and protection for knees and elbows.

I listen to audiobooks on Audible during my trip and I, therefore, consider headphones also to be a part of the safety gear. If you want to get a month for free use this link.

TSG Pass Pro riding on field
TSG Pass Pro riding on the field

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Safety gear for commuting with an Onewheel

Onewheel is a bit more dangerous device to ride as a daily commute. The usual recommendation in addition to a helmet and a good backpack is to pad up and get wristguards.

Safety gearEquipment
HelmetTSG Pass Pro or Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS
BackpackPoint 65 Boblbee
HeadphonesShokz Openmove
WristguardsTriple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards
Knee padsTriple Eight ExoSkin Knee Pad
Elbow padsTriple Eight ExoSkin Elbow Pad
Protective clothingLazyrolling Armored Hoodie


A good helmet is needed to protect the head, the most important part of our body. I have now upgraded my kit. I’m now riding with the TSG Pass Pro, here is why I upgraded from my old bicycle MIPS helmet to this full-face.

A full-face helmet like the TSG Pass or TSG Pass Pro will protect your jaws, face, and teeth in case of a hard fall to the ground. This is why I have now switched from the standard MIPS helmet to the Pass Pro.

It’s an expensive helmet at around $220-$350, this needs to be into consideration as to what the cost of a dental/hospital visit and the loss in income a big crash could result in.

The old recommendation for anyone wanting to have a cheaper alternative is to get a helmet with MIPS technology. MIPS is an acronym for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.

MIPS technology mimics the brain’s protective structure by reducing rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head. The helmet’s shell and liner are separated by a low friction layer which allows the helmet to slide, noticeably reducing trauma to the brain in the case of oblique impacts. These angled impacts are considerably more common in action sports compared to the blunt force impacts for which traditional helmets are typically tested.

I use the Tec Helmets Nice MIPS and another good option is the Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS.


When navigating the daily commute to work, the importance of a reliable backpack cannot be overstated. I opt for the older version of the Boblbee from Point 65, a choice motivated by its dual functionality. Beyond just providing ample storage, this backpack boasts integrated back protection, an invaluable feature that adds an extra layer of safety during rides.

This backpack isn’t just about convenience; it’s a safeguard for your electronics, particularly your laptop. The hard case design of the Boblbee, originally intended for motorcycling, renders it more than capable of withstanding the potential impacts encountered during Onewheel or electric scooter rides. This robust construction ensures that your valuable electronics remain secure, even in the event of an unexpected mishap.

Investing in a backpack that prioritizes both your safety and the protection of your devices eliminates the worry that often accompanies commuting accidents. While the Boblbee may be perceived as “overspecified” for the relatively lighter demands of a Onewheel, its unparalleled durability and protective features make it a standout choice for those who prioritize the safety of their belongings alongside their own. Choose a backpack that not only carries your load but also carries the responsibility of keeping you and your electronics safe on every journey.


To be safe and aware of the environment during commuting I use the Openmove bone-conducting headphones from AfterShokz. For more information about being safe and the different options read Best safe headphones for electric scooter or Onewheel.


I got the Triple Eight wristguards because I got the Exoskin at the same time. wristguards are considered a most. The natural reaction to falling is to put your hands first to dampen the fall. This motion at high speed makes it likely to overbend, hyperextension, of the wrist resulting in injury. The wrist takes a lot of time to heal and will for most people hinder their work.

That’s why it’s recommended by most riders to use wristguards. Today there is classic wristguard protection like the Triple 8 and also gloves with added wrist support to hinder hyperextension. The Flatland3D Fingerless Pro gloves are the most highly rated by riders for their protection and also for their great wrist flexibility and motion. The wrist plate lets you flex your wrist during normal use but prevents hyperextension during falls.

Knee- and Elbow pads

Soft knee- and elbow pads are recommended by most users and are the go-to protection in the skateboard scene. The key is to be protected and still have good movement and be comfortable.

The Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee Pad and Triple Eight ExoSkin Elbow Pad are my preferred padding, they are nice and comfortable to wear under your clothes. I would say that they are true to the size chart. I’m rocking L on the Elbow pad and M on the knee Pads. I’m 186cm 72kg as a reference.

Looking for more options, check out the top 3 list down below:
Top 3 list of Knee Pads
Top 3 list of Elbow Pads

I use the elbow pads if I’m not carrying my Lazyrooling Armored hoodie.

Protective clothing

The Armored hoodie from Lazyrooling is a good piece of protective gear that has paddings for both the elbows and back. Making it a lot easier to be protective when you want to get out. Instead of using elbow pads which can be annoying to take on I just grab the hoodie.

The Lazyrolling Armored Hoodie offers you the different protection layers of the elbow-, shoulder pads, and back protection combined with a kevlar lining. Instead of having to worry about all these multiple pieces of protection before your ride, the hoodie has it together all in one piece of comfortable clothing. Depending on the type of pads you decide to use it can even be certified as motorcycle protection with classification EN 17092-4:2020 Class A with the level 2 pads.

It has a relaxed fit and the inside is lined with Kevlar helping you to be well-protected in the case of an accident. This is something I haven’t tried myself, but many people have and can confirm it.

I’m 186cm 72kg, using a Large. It has a relaxed fit and the sleeves are perfect.

It should not come as a surprise that I really like my hoodie from Lazyrolling after a year and I use it on a daily basis when the weather is nice and not too hot.

Oskar Fällman

Check out my 1-year review here.

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When riding and commuting with Onewheel, prioritizing safety gear is important. From helmets safeguarding the head to wristguards preventing potential wrist injuries, each piece plays a crucial role. Upgrading to advanced options like the TSG Pass Pro helmet ensures comprehensive protection, guarding not just the head but also the face and jaws. This is more of advanced riders or people who want the best protection out there.

A reliable backpack, such as the Point 65 Boblbee, goes beyond mere convenience, providing integrated back protection and secure space for laptops and other valuables. Safety extends to auditory awareness with bone-conducting headphones like Shokz Openmove, enhancing vigilance during commutes.

Wristguards, an absolute necessity, mitigate the risk of wrist injuries caused by instinctive falls. Triple Eight wristguards, coupled with Flatland3D Fingerless Pro gloves, strike a balance between protection and flexibility. Soft knee- and elbow pads, like the Triple Eight ExoSkin series, offer comfort without compromising on essential shielding.

For those seeking all-in-one protection, Lazyrolling Armored Hoodie emerges as a versatile choice, combining elbow and back padding for comprehensive coverage. As safety is a personal journey, explore the top 3 lists for knee and elbow pads to find the perfect fit for your commute.

In the pursuit of safe and stylish commuting, invest wisely in protective gear. Remember, safety is not an expense; it’s an investment in your well-being.

If you use a scooter here is my electric scooter safety gear list when I’m riding on my Xiaomi 365.

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