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Onewheel Growler

It all began when the Onehweel Pint was released, and the guys behind the Float Life started to make a wish list for the perfect Onewheel. What came out of this was the upgrade kit of the Onewheel XR making it into the Growler. They describe it as a larger, beefier, Pint. Retaining the XR footpad real estate, while incorporating the agile, nimble, maneuverable, responsiveness of the Pint.

The Growler is not associated with Future Motion Inc. or the Onewheel trademark. The Growler kit was made and the Float life advertised as the perfect middle child.

What A Growler Is

A growler is essentially using all your parts from your existing XR except for the rails which will be shorter and a smaller diameter tire from the Pint. In more detail it’s a new custom shorter rails, changing the footpads to the Kush Pad Hi and the tire to the XtraRad Pint tire. Additional accessories are fender deletes and sidekicks.

The Growler is a modified version of the Onewheel XR, incorporating features from the Pint for increased maneuverability.

Material To Build An Onwheel Growler.

The base of the Onehweel Growler is the Onewheel XR. To find out more about it check out the Float Life store.

Check their installation video on Youtube “FLOAT LIFE – Growler Hybrid Conversion Kit / Installation” where they go over the complete installation.

Other accessories:

What Growler stands for

Growler is a play on the word “Pint”, the name of the smaller Onewheel. A Growler of beer, large 64 oz (1.89L) jug of beer. A pint of beer equals 16 oz (473 ml).

Key Benefits Of A Growler Compared To The XR And Pint

Making a Growler is essentially turning your XR into a more nimble machine with better torque like the Pint but with a higher top speed and range from the XR. It also drops the center of gravity which helps to get a more stable ride.

The Growler is wider and longer than the Pint with the XR footpads, but shorter making it more responsive and more nimble than an XR. The shorter rails and a narrower tire provide the Growler greater turning leverage and improved response, providing a feel more like the Pint. From a riding perspective, the ride experience is more similar to the Pint than the XR.

Key Benefits

  • Low-end torque and snap of the Pint
  • Fun/playful/carvy feeling of the Pint
  • No speed wobbles like the XR
  • Higher, mellower pushback of the XR
  • XR top speed
  • XR range
  • Shorter Pint sized length for lower swing weight
  • Larger XR-sized footpads
  • Way stronger rails with deeper threads that won’t bend or strip out easily

If it were up to me, this would be the next Onewheel model. I like the feel of my Pint, but could benefit some from the longer range from the Growler while still keeping a nice form factor and responsiveness that I’m used to.

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