Onewheel GT Flight Fins FlightFender System 

FlighFins has released the preorder for the first batch of their new FlighFender system for the Onewheel GT. The preorder is currently only available in black and estimated to ship in July.

The FlighFender system is totally redesigned for the GT, swapping out the stock fender system. If you want to save some money but lose the possibility to adjust the fins, then you can always mount the Flight Fins on your stock fender.

We’ve redesigned our FlightFender System from the ground up and made sure it lives up to the hype and power of the Onewheel GT!

The materials are as before high strength nylon pared with a new design that according to FlightFins is more durable than ever. 

We designed the FlightFender GT to withstand even the most epic crashes.

The downside is not making them compatible with the stock fender, if you want to ride with protection from dirt and debris you will need to get the full system including the GT FlightShield. The price of the complete system is $189.95, excluding the FlightFins. The good thing is that the system is improved and now has hooks built into the back of the fender which provides a much more reliable hold than the previous models.

Onewheel GT FlightFender system hooks
Onewheel GT FlightFender system hooks |

The new design made it possible for higher fin slots giving more room for adjustment and space under the fins for those who have larger feet and higher soled shoes or boots. The fender system also gives a wider stance giving you a more comfortable stance which can be widened even further with Extenders. 

The system is as of June 1st ’22 currently compatible with all aftermarket footpads for GT.
The GT FlightFender is designed to use all different Flight Fins, both V1, V2 & the mini.
As always they are designed and made in the USA.

Get your FlightFins over at the official store

$149.95 2 x GT FlightFenders & 1 x GT Splash Guard
$189.95 the full GT FlightFenders

*Fins not included in this fender package.


What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for