How to find the Onewheel serial number

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There can be multiple reasons why you need the serial number of your Onewheel. The serial number is used when registering your board and it’s a good idea to keep it stored somewhere in case you need it in the future. There are two places where you can find the serial number of your board.

The serial number is laser etched onto the bottom of the frame of the OneWheel and also located as a sticker on the original packaging.

The location of the serial number is the same for both the Onewheel XR, GT, GT S-Series, Pint, and Pint X.

The packaging is a good place to start if you have products installed like the Float Life sidekicks to protect your frame. Otherwise, you will need to remove the panel to see the number.

It’s therefore always a good idea to register your board before installing the plates. As the Onewheel App doesn’t have the serial number.

Photograph and Store the Serial Number:

It’s advisable to take a clear photograph of both the laser-etched serial number on the frame and the sticker on the original packaging. This can serve as an additional backup in case the physical documents are lost or damaged.

Dealing with a Stolen Onewheel:

1. Act Swiftly:

In the unfortunate event that your Onewheel is stolen, time is of the essence. Report the theft to local authorities and immediately inform Future Motion Inc. of the incident, providing them with the serial number. This can aid in their efforts to track and recover stolen boards if something pops up.

2. Community Vigilance:

Leverage the Onewheel community to your advantage. Post about the theft on Onewheel forums, Facebook, other social media platforms, and online marketplaces. The more people are aware of the stolen board, the higher the chances of it being recognized and reported. The Onewheel community is great!

3. Check Online Marketplaces:

Regularly monitor online marketplaces, such as Facebook Market and others, for any listings matching the description of your stolen Onewheel. If identified, promptly report the listing to the platform and local authorities.

Can you track a stolen Onewheel?

There is no way to track a stolen Onewheel. Keep your serial number so you can report that the board is stolen to Future Motion Inc. and the local authorities.

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