How to drain a Onewheel battery

The best way to drain a Onewheel battery is to ride it down. Put on your gear and head out for a while and let the battery drop to the level you want.

Keep in mind that riding at the last percentage of the battery will increase the risk of a nosedive. Take it easy during the last 20% and don’t push the board when you are below 10%.

This risk of a nosedive increases as the available voltage and current from the battery is dropping when the battery level is decreasing. The power is determined by the Voltage of the battery pack and the maximum current the motor can take. As the battery is drained to the last percentage the voltage has significantly dropped compared to a fully charged pack.

Why drain the Onewheel battery

The most common reason to drain the Onewheel battery is to prepare it for long-term storage. When storing the Onewheel it’s recommended to keep the battery around 60%. This will increase the lifetime of the battery pack and your board.

If you are interested in more tips around charging and the Onehweel Battery check out the Tips and tricks about charging a Onewheel.

The warranty of the battery is only 6 months so it’s a good idea to keep it in a good state so you can ride for a long time.

The second reason would be if you are planning to rebalance the cells, driving the board down prior to fully charging the device might help the BMS to recalibrate the capacity of the battery pack. This helps to avoid a condition called digital memory

Should I full drain my Onewheel battery?

No, you shouldn’t fully drain the Onewheel battery on a regular basis. The Onewheel battery is an NMC battery, e.g a Lithium-ion. Lithium-ion battery cells should not be frequently fully discharged and recharged, so-called being deep-cycled.

The only time it’s recommended to do a full drain of the battery and discharge it completely is to recalibrate the capacity measuring electronics in the BMS.


The easiest way to drain a Onewheel battery is to take it out for a spin or plan a ride before storing the device. It’s not recommended to do the trick presented in forums where you put the wheel up on some books or milk crate so the wheel is free turning. Then placing something on the sensor to activate the board.

When running the board like this you are risking overstressing the battery and motor. That being said, do it at your own risk or monitor the temperature of the device.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for