Onewheel GT Threaded vs Slick Tire?

When it comes to buying the Onewheel GT there is an option to decide what type of tire to have on the board. You can choose between a threaded or slick tire. This is the first time Future Motion has put on a threaded tire as an option on their boards.

Prior threaded tires have only been available from the third party aftermarket, where you can get different tires for your On wheels. The old models were using standard Go-Kart tires so manufacturers like Burris, Hoosier and others had options to install.

With the release of the Onewheel GT there is a change on the tire dimensions, making so that there are no aftermarket tires available when the boards start to ship. Manufacturers are looking into releasing comparable tires, it will only take some time.

Making the only option for a threaded tire to be coming from Future Motion Inc. To the question should you pick a threaded tire for an additional $50 or not?

Should I have a threaded or slick tire on my Onewheel GT

Onewheel GT

It will come down to what type of rider you are and how are you going to use the board. If you are the rider who likes to carve, floating around in the city and never head out on the trails or slippery grass patches. Then the slick tire is the best choice for you.

Are you planning to do trail riding or hitting the hills then it would be a good idea to look into the treaded option from Future Motion Inc. At the moment we don’t know how this tire compares to the aftermarket tires coming in the future. What we do know are that there will be better tracking to the ground on gravel and slippery roads.

For off-road and trail riding, there are clear benefits to riding with a treaded tire. Now you can get this without voiding your warrant by changing the tire.

In short, are you planning to ride more than 30% pavement then a treaded tire most likely is the right option for you.

Benefits of a slick tire on the Onewheel GT

The core benefit of a slick tire is better traction on dry pavement, fat and hard surfaces. The slick tire will also give the rider a slightly longer range as the wheel is a bit lither than the treaded alternative.

A lither tire will need less force to rotate and therefore increase the range of the board. The slicker tires usually give a better carvy feel when riding.

Benefits of a treaded tire on the Onewheel GT

If you do a lot of off-road, pumping trails and ride occasionally on loose terrains like gravel, sand or debris then go with the treaded tire. The treads give a lot more traction on the loose ground making it ideal for trails.

The treaded tire also increase the traction and adds grip when riding in damp conditions.


If you should choose a tread or slick tire for your Onewheel GT will depend on how you plan to ride. Are you mainly going to depend on if you are wanting to ride off-road and hit the trails or just going to cruise down the city streets.

For me a threaded tire is the best option, the benefits do outweigh the negative aspect of a threaded tire. The Onewheel GT is a beast, and a small range impact will not really be noticed for most riders.

Getting a treaded tire without voiding your warranty on a $2500 purchase feels like a good investment. My recommendation is to not change the tire until the warranty has run out on the board. It’s not the tire change that’s the risk, The Onewheel GT has new electronics and there is always a risk with some early problems on the first boards.

There is a risk depending on the softness of the tire that the slick will be a bit more comfortable to ride than the treaded tire. This is mostly coming from the softness of the rubber and at the current time, we don’t know how this tire will behave. This being said, some good shoes will dampen some of the vibrations, put them on and you are all set to go.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for