How Much Do Electric Unicycles Cost? 2022 (Why the price)

The personal electric vehicle movement is growing and the manufacturers and models of Electric Unicycles (EUC) are doing so as well. I general buying a EUCs is not cheap. The unicycles use a lot of parts and components that are expensive and need to be well-made to be safe to ride. Have you ever wondered how much an electric unicycle should cost? Down below is the main reason why different models vary so much in price.

Additional features like a speaker, light, wheel size, shocks and more add to the price tag. On average, a high-end unicycle will cost you around $2000. Let’s go over the features why some are costing as low as $300 and why you shouldn’t get them. There are the most important factors determining the price of the electric unicycle.

Battery Capacity

Batteries are one of the most expensive items insider any PHEV and EUC. The more capacity and the higher voltage the more cells are needed to drive the unicycle.  Models such as the Veteran Sherman can travel up to 130 miles (209 km) on a single charge whereas lower-end models like the Inmotion V5 can travel a little as 15 miles (25 km).

Look into your use case and determine how far you want and will need to go. In short, don’t go for the lowest range models as you sone will outgrow the range of the EUC. All batteries will deteriorate over time and if you only got 15miles to begin with. 

The motor power – Torque

The motor is the heart of the electric unicycle and one of the main components except for the battery that drives the cost. Tops speed can vary a lot from low all the way up above 50mph.

This is governed by how powerful the motor is. Important note, the motor and the torque of the motor is the reason the unicycle is balancing the rider.

A more powerful motor will enable the EUC to handle unforeseen obstacles and bad riding positions before a crash happen.

High end Brand Name over a generic manufactorer

The brand name will factor into the price you pay for your electric unicycles. Remember you are not only paying for the brand name, these are the companies that are leading the development of the new features and pushing the development of the latest models.

The more generic models will be cheaper as they can use the advancement done by the bigger brands. If you buy a EUC from companies like Sherman and Ninebot they will usually be up to $500 more when compared to more generic models. You will usually get more features and better components.

Do you research as some generic models can be as good as the big brands.

The Design of the Electric Unicycle

There are a whole host of different designs of electric unicycles out there right now. They range from futuristic sleek white to dark, boxy and militaristic. Depending on your tastes, you may prefer one design over another. Just be aware that the underlying product can sometimes be the same, which means you’re paying up to $200 more just for the way the product looks.

Imported models

Many models coming from china will get a hefty up price when entering the states. Use a price finder and check for comparisons before getting a model. It can be hard as some might be generic models that are rebranded with a price increase when hitting the states.


Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. I don’t recommend anyone to buy any of the cheap EUC to begin with. To answer the question of how much do electric unicycles cost and what’s important the recommendation is as follow. 

Prioritize the batteries and motor as they are the main components of the EUC. Addons like speakers and lights are things you can add in other ways later. You don’t want to go so cheap as this will comprise some of the most important features for your safety.

Remember that the motor and the EUC that’s the reason for you not being lunched into the ground. I recommend looking for entry unicycles for around $1000. The high-end ones can cost over $2000. As always keep an eye out for sales and deals on discounted models as all brands are coming out with new models every year.

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