How long time does it take to learn to ride an electric unicycle?

Learning to ride an electric unicycle can seem like a hard thing to do. In reality, anyone can learn it will only depend on how fast you pick up the skills. There are some factors that will determine how long time it takes to learn to ride an electric unicycle. 

It will take around one hour to start learning to ride an electric unicycle for an experienced rider or anyone how has done similar activities before. For a total beginner, it’s recommended to break it into smaller 30min sessions over a period of 7 days to let the brain work in-between. 

It will take some time and the first miles will also be training until everything clicks into place. This will come at different times for everyone when you start being comfortable riding and at last when the wheel becomes a part of your body.

Learning to ride is based on a few factors that will determine how long time take to pick up the riding skill. This may be obvious, but when learning to ride, have a full kit of protection gear, helmet, elbow, wrist, knee pads.

  1. Prior similar experience
  2. Is someone helping you
  3. Offline training like Youtube videos and guide
  4. Break it down

Let’s break them down future

What is learning to ride a EUC?

Learning to ride a EUC can be broken down into different phases. Considered learning to ride an electric unicycle you need to be able to free mount it without holding onto something and safely dismount the wheel. It’s important to have control when mounting and dismounting in a public area. All PEV can become a risk if control is lost at the wrong moment. *Ride responsibly

When riding you usually go thru two stages in the beginning. Starting with having your arms out to balance the side to side moment. Most riders consider this to be part of the phase while you are still learning the wheel. In the city to pass pedestrians and objects down the road.

Most people will not learn to ride like this within one day. It takes time and train to develop these core skills. 

Prior similar experience

If you ever have been riding a unicycle before then a lot of things will come naturally when stepping up onto an electric one. The key is to let the wheel will balance you. Most unicycles will get the hang of the basics within an hour of focused training.

The big disadvantage is to relearn not to react or balance the wheel, the wheel will do that for you. 

The same thing goes of course for an inexperienced rider, do not try to react or balance the wheel, let the wheel catch you. The biggest part of learning to ride is to learn to trust the wheel instead of trying to control and balance it.

*Pro-tip: Put on some music and try not to think about control, relax your body. 

Is someone helping you

Having a person to help you will drastically reduce the time and effort to learn to ride the wheel. The hardest part is to learn how to mount the electric unicycle, here is where a helping hand really comes to play.

A helping hand also come to play when you start trying to ride along a straight line, step number two in when starting to learn the wheel.

*Pro-tip: If you don’t have a friend that can help you look up the shopping cart method. You will need to have access to a shopping cart preferably an empty parking lot where you can practise. 

Offline training like Youtube videos and guides

There are a lot of training videos out there that will help you in the beginning. I don’t recommend anyone just jumping onto the wheel and trying to ride away without either someone teaching them or having looked it up online.

You can easily hurt yourself, twist an ankle if you step off the wrong way or even worse.

Break it down

It’s a good idea to break the practice down into smaller training sessions over multiple days. This allows for building muscle memory and splitting things up into short sessions over multiple days is one of the best technics to accelerate and reinforce learning.

If you are doing it in longer runs don’t forget to take 5-10 min breaks in order for the body to relax. For a totally new rider, it can take more than 7 days to get the hang of it. Take it easy, and it will come.

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