Onewheel vs Summerboard: The right board for you?

If you are looking for the feel of powder and shredding down the slope during the green months then an electric board like the Onewheel or Summerboard is an option for you.

Both boards have their own feel and twist on the concept of riding. The first obvious is that the Onewheel ride on one wheel and the Summerboard has six. Keep reading to find out which board is for you and to get the pros and cons of the Onewheel vs Summerboard.

“This is exactly like snowboarding. It gives you the same feeling of the shred, drifting and carving.”


There are three different Onewheels on the market at the time of this comparison, the Onewheel Pint, Onewheel Pint X and the Onewheel GT. To make a fair comparison between the Onewheel and the Summerboard the Onewheel Pint X will be used as it’s in the same price range.

Onewheel Pint on pavement

Specifications Onewheel vs Summerboard

Onewheel Pint XSummerboard SBX
Weight27 lbs18 lbs
Size8.75in x 10.5in x 27in (222mm x 266mm x 689mm)32in x 9.3in (820mm x 235mm)
Motor750W HypercoreDual 3000w Motors
Max speed18 mph / 29 kmph27 mph / 40 kmph
Range12-18 miles12 miles
Quick-Swap BatteryNoYes
Remote ControlNoYes
FlightBattery TSA carry-on NOBattery TSA carry-on OK

What are the Pros & Cons of the Onewheel and Summerboard?

Price – A decked out Onewheel Pint X with a fender comes close to the price of a new Summerboard SBX. From a price point of view, the boards are the same. Take into consideration that this is without any extra battery for the Summerboard.

Winner: Tie

Weight – The Summer board is far the lighter board with its 17 lbs when compared to the Onewheel. In this case, if you’re looking for a board to bring on the go when commuting, the Summerboard may be the better option for you. The board is lighter but a bit bulkier as it is longer than the Pint X.

The form is like a longboard, you can have it between your seat when commuting by train or bus. In that regard, the Summerboard is a bit easier to travel with than the Onewheel.

Winner: Summerboard

summerboard sbx
source: Summerboard

Speed – The Summerboard is way faster than the Onewheel. The board has two 3000W motors compared to the single 750W rated hub motor of the Onewheel. The six wheels, four + two motors) make the board a lot more stable and there is no risk for a nosedive into the pavement. 

If you are looking for speed then go with the Summerboard or another eclectic skateboard. The Onewheel is all about carving around and the ability to ride on different terrain.

Winner: Summerboard

Battery – The stock battery is lower-rated with a lesser range as a result. The key benefit is that it’s quick-swappable adding the option to buy an extra battery to keep on riding.

The quick-swap battery is a nice feature but will come at the cost of a spare battery. A new SBX Spare Battery comes at $299.00. 

Taking the lower range into consideration for the stock boards and the possibility to swap batteries it comes to a tie. It will depend on your use case.

Winner: Tie

summerboard sbx quick-swap battery
source: Summerboard

Flying – In addition, the battery is below the TSA carry-on guidelines of 160W. This allows you to travel on flights with your Summerboard. 

The Onewheel Pint X has flight restrictions as the battery capacity is over the TSA allowable limit. So, if you’re looking for a board that you can fly with on your trips, then the Summerboard is for you. That being said it’s never easy to fly with an electric skateboard so keep this in mind. 

*Note: Always confirm with your flight agency prior to travel as individual rules or procedures of the airline may apply. 

Winner: Summerboard

Remote Control – One of the biggest drawbacks of the Summerboard is the need for a handheld remote to be used while riding. This is the same as almost all electric skateboards on the market, except the Onewheel.

A remote forces the rider to multitask during the ride which, in the beginning, can be a bit tricky until it becomes second nature. A remote add some small additional risks like losing the remote, the batteries dying, or it breaks. 

The Onewheel is different as it doesn’t require a handheld remote control to handle the board. Instead, the board uses the raiders body movements to control the direction and speed of the device. For an in-depth breakdown check how to ride a Onewheel. In short, this gives a more direct and inutile way of riding the board. 

Winner: Onewheel

Manoeuvre – As mentioned above, the Onewheel uses the body to control the board, meaning riders can manoeuvre their boards much easier than on the Summerboard. Experienced Onewheel riders can even turn—almost in place—up to 180 degrees which are significantly more than the Summerboard.

Winner: Onewheel

Learn to ride – Using the body makes the learning curve a lot faster than controlling the board with a remote. When using a remote you need to learn how to anticipate the movement of the board when you engage the controller.

When riding the Onehweel you are automatically at the right stance when moving forward or backwards. I keynote, don’t lean forward and control the board with your weight, the centre of gravity should always be above the wheel.

There is a steep learning curve to ride the Summerboard as it should, to slide down the path on the edge of the wheels. This takes a lot of time and makes the board considerable harder to master than the Onewheel.

Winner: Onewheel

Terrain – The Summerboard are like most electric skateboards and are limited to riding on smooth pavement. When you are shredding and sliding on the board any cracks, potholes, or uneven pavement can get the wheel stuck and launch you off the board. 

The Onewheel on the other hand is built to ride on various terrain. The big go-kart wheel can handle the most uneven ground, small cracks and even jump obstacles in its paths. It’s truly an off-road device, to learn more read Onewheel off-road riding.

Winner: Onewheel

source: Onewheel

Which is better: Onewheel vs Summerboard?

I’m a Onewheeler even if the Summerboard does offer a unique riding experience with the sliding motion and a bit more like snowboarding in terms of the motion of the board. It will come down to personal preferences and what you are after. The offroad riding capabilities and that you don’t need a remove was the dealbreaker for me. 

It’s a good idea to try and test the board in a shop near you, especially if you are planning to get a Summerboard.  If this is your first board I would consider an electric skateboard first and then step up to the Summerboard.

An alternative if you don’t want the motor but still the feel is to look into freeboard, is like the Simmerboard but without a motor, you can make those graceful arcs like a snowboard with the centre pivot wheels.

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