Intergalactic Go Ride Your Onewheel Day: Celebrating 100 Million Miles Ridden

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Intergalactic Go Ride Your Onewheel Day

On October 22nd, 2022, the Onewheel community reached an incredible milestone, surpassing 100 million miles ridden on our electric boards. That’s right, 100 million miles! To commemorate this monumental achievement, Future Motion has declared October 22nd as “Intergalactic Go Ride Your Onewheel Day.” Let’s dive into the details and review the significance of this occasion.

A Remarkable Achievement:

Reaching 100 million miles ridden on Onewheels is no small feat. In fact, if we convert that distance to kilometers, it totals a staggering 160 million kilometers. To put this into perspective, the distance from Earth to the Sun is approximately 93 million miles, meaning we have traveled beyond that mark by a remarkable 7 million miles. It’s truly mind-boggling!

Grasping the Magnitude:

If you find it difficult to fathom the distance between Earth and the Sun, let’s consider another example. The circumference of the Earth is around 24,901 miles (or approximately 40,000 kilometers). In essence, we have collectively ridden our Onewheels around the Earth a whopping 4,000 times. Now that’s an incredible accomplishment that showcases the dedication and passion of the Onewheel community.

Impressive Time Frame:

Another aspect worth mentioning is the time it took to achieve this milestone. It was just last year that we celebrated reaching 50 million miles ridden. From the release of the Onewheel in 2014 to 2021, it took us nearly seven years to reach the 50 million mark. However, we managed to double that number in just one year, surpassing 100 million miles in October. This exponential growth is a testament to the increasing popularity of Onewheel and the enthusiasm of its riders.

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Acknowledging Top Onewheel Riders:

As we celebrate this incredible achievement, it’s important to recognize the individuals who have contributed immensely to the community’s success. One such rider is Javier Starks, also known as Onewheelin DC, who has ridden over 37,000 miles on his Onewheel XR. This is an outstanding accomplishment, considering the relatively short time frame since the release of the Onewheel GT.

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Looking Towards the Future:

With the community and ridership skyrocketing, it’s only a matter of time before we reach the next major milestone: 1 billion miles ridden. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that can be achieved if we all come together. So, I encourage everyone to take their Onewheel boards out onto the streets, ride safely, and let’s strive towards hitting the 1 million mark as a community.


The declaration of October 22nd as “Intergalactic Go Ride Your Onewheel Day” by Future Motion is a celebration of the Onewheel community’s extraordinary achievement of surpassing 100 million miles ridden. The distance covered, equivalent to traveling beyond the Earth-Sun distance, is truly awe-inspiring. As we continue to push boundaries and set new records, let’s remember to prioritize safety while enjoying the thrill of riding. Here’s to the Onewheel community, its dedicated riders, and an exciting future filled with many more exhilarating miles!

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