TSG Pass Pro Helmet Review: Ultimate Protection for Extreme Commuters

Today, I’m thrilled to share my thoughts on the TSG Pass Pro helmet, which I acquired to replace my previous helmet. As an avid commuter, covering five kilometers each way on my Onewheel Pint or electric scooter, I wanted a helmet that offered superior protection.

In this review, we’ll unbox the TSG Pass Pro, discuss its features, and explore why I chose this helmet. Let’s dive in!

Below is a short information table about the key features of the TSG Pass Pro.

PurposeProfessional model helmet providing comprehensive protection for face, teeth, and shins
WeightApproximately 960 grams
Helmet TypeFull-face helmet
Intended UsersDownhill skateboarders, Onewheel riders, electric skateboard enthusiasts
FitRecommend sizing up for a secure fit; soft foam padding with adjustable smaller pads
Comparisons toMotorcycle helmets are heavier; TSG Pass Pro is approximately a pound lighter
Motorcycle HelmetsSoft foam padding and Double D strap system for a secure and comfortable fit
VisorClear visor for eye protection against debris and insects; replaceable with ease
BreathabilityFoam pads around nose and mouth areas to prevent visor fogging
PricePurchased for around 2199 SEK (approximately 220 USD)
ValuePrice justified by superior protection and potential medical bill savings
ComfortSoft foam padding and Double D strap system for secure and comfortable fit
ConclusionTSG Pass Pro offers exceptional protection, versatility, and comfort
Information table about the TSG Pass Pro

Unboxing the TSG Pass Pro:

Inside the package, along with some horseshoes and instructions, lies the TSG Pass Pro helmet. I opted for the sleek black variant. The helmet comes in a pouch that doubles as a carrying bag. It also includes a clear visor, which I’ll elaborate on later.

TSG Pass Pro on a box
TSG Pass Pro on the box

Features and Design:

The TSG Pass Pro is the professional model of the TSG Pass helmet. Its primary purpose is to provide comprehensive protection for your face, teeth, and shin during extreme rides. Weighing in at approximately 960 grams, it is significantly heavier than my previous bicycle helmet with MIPS technology (305 grams).

However, it remains much lighter than a full-face motorcycle helmet. This makes it a popular choice among downhill skateboarders, one-wheel riders, and electric skateboard enthusiasts.

Fit and Comfort:

I have a head circumference of 58 centimeters, placing me on the lower end of the large size range according to the TSG Pass Pro’s official website. To ensure a secure fit, many recommend going a size larger or sizing up if in doubt. I tried on the helmet and found it to be a perfect fit, providing good protection without any wiggling.

The visor offers excellent peripheral vision, allowing me to see my surroundings with ease. It’s also worth noting that the helmet’s interior remains the same across all sizes, with soft foam padding that can be adjusted using smaller pads included with the purchase.

TSG Pass Pro fit
TSG Pass Pro comfort and fit

Comparisons to Motorcycle Helmets:

One common question people ask when considering the TSG Pass Pro is why not opt for a motorcycle helmet instead. While motorcycle helmets offer comparable protection, they tend to be heavier. The TSG Pass Pro, in comparison, is approximately a pound lighter.

Additionally, the TSG Pass Pro provides better visual precision, ensuring you have a clear view while riding. It also features vents for enhanced hearing, improving your overall auditory awareness of the surrounding environment.

Visor and Eye Protection:

Commuting daily for five kilometers means encountering various airborne particles, flies, and debris. The TSG Pass Pro’s clear visor eliminates the need to worry about bugs and debris hitting your face and eyes during your ride.

For winter months when daylight is limited, I can easily switch to the clear visor instead of the silver reflective one. Changing the visor is a straightforward process involving unscrewing both sides and replacing it with the desired one.

Breathability and Anti-Fogging:

The TSG Pass Pro is designed with foam pads around the nose and mouth areas to direct your breath downward, preventing fogging on the visor. This feature ensures a clear view even during intense rides.

Price and Value:

I purchased the TSG Pass Pro for approximately 2199 SEK, which is around 220 USD. Considering the level of protection it provides, this price is reasonable and competitive. It’s important to remember that investing in a high-quality helmet like the TSG Pass Pro is a proactive measure to safeguard your face, teeth, and well-being. While the price may be higher than standard helmets, the benefits it offers outweigh the cost, particularly when compared to potential medical bills resulting from accidents.


In conclusion, the TSG Pass Pro helmet offers exceptional protection for extreme commuters like myself. Its robust design, comfortable fit, and clear visor make it an excellent choice for riders seeking superior safety without compromising style. The helmet’s weight, although slightly heavier than regular bicycle helmets, is manageable and well worth the added protection.

The TSG Pass Pro’s versatility and enhanced visibility set it apart from traditional motorcycle helmets. Its lightweight construction ensures better mobility and agility, crucial for riders who require maximum movement while maintaining awareness of their surroundings. The inclusion of vents further enhances the helmet’s functionality, allowing for improved hearing and situational awareness.

One of the standout features of the TSG Pass Pro is its clear visor, which provides reliable eye protection against debris, insects, and harsh weather conditions. By eliminating the need for separate sunglasses, the visor simplifies the riding experience while keeping your eyes safe. During darker winter months, swapping to the clear visor ensures optimal visibility.

TSG Pass Pro riding on field
TSG Pass Pro riding on the field

Comfort is a key consideration for any helmet, and the TSG Pass Pro doesn’t disappoint. The foam pads, although not as customizable as some competitors, offer a soft and snug fit. The Double D strap system, reminiscent of motorcycle helmets, ensures a secure and comfortable fit without the strap dangling uncomfortably around your neck.

While the TSG Pass Pro comes at a higher price point compared to standard bicycle helmets, it’s essential to weigh the cost against the level of protection it provides. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your face, teeth, and shins are well-guarded during extreme rides is invaluable. It’s a worthwhile investment in your safety and long-term well-being.

In conclusion, the TSG Pass Pro helmet impresses with its excellent protection, clear visor, and comfortable fit. It caters to riders who seek the utmost safety during extreme commuting and sports activities. Although slightly heavier than traditional bicycle helmets, its benefits outweigh the added weight. The TSG Pass Pro offers the perfect balance between protection, style, and functionality, making it an ideal choice for riders looking to take their safety to the next level. Invest in the TSG Pass Pro and ride with confidence!

Please note that the opinions expressed in this review are based on my personal experience. It’s always recommended to try on a helmet and consult expert opinions before making a final purchasing decision.