Onewheel Pint bearing cover (waterproofing your board)

If you are looking to make your Onewheel Pint more water-resistance and protect the motor a bearing cover is a must to install. At the moment there are two ways, either buy them from Badger wheel or if you have access to a printer, print some covers yourself.

The bearing covers will with the applied grease make a barrier for water to move into the bearings and in the worse case into the motor. Appling bearing protection on both sides of your hub will drastically improve the water-resistance for your motor and increase the lifetime of both the bearings and the motor itself.

Onewheel Pint Bearing Protection
img source: BadgerWheel

There is a number of pictures of rusted motors and bearings failing faster than expected caused by water making its way into them and rust forming.

The easiest way is to buy the bearing kit from Badger wheel, it cost $27 and you get everything you need including the marine-grade grease to act as the barrier.

I 3D printed the version on Thingvers because I live in Sweden it was hard to get hold of the Badget kit. Then I had to buy some marine-grade grease and double-sided sticky tape to mount them to my board.

The installation of the kit from Badger looks a lot easier and I would recommend anyone to get it if you have access to it.

With either approach, you don’t need to disassemble the board. The instructions are mostly the same.


  1. Clean bearings with a dry cotton swabs. No water, no alcohol, just wipe dry is best.
  2. Apply grease around the bearing.
  3. Wrap the seal around shaft with the grease facing in. Press the seal all the way in while working your way around.

If you have the 3D printed you need to apply some double-sided tape to the backside and connect the two halves to a unit before pressing it down.

Apply a bearing seal is one of the first things you should do to protect your board, for more information to make it even more water-resistance check out Is the Onewheel waterproof (How to make it)

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for