Is the Onewheel waterproof? (how to make it)

No Onewheels are not waterproof they are water-resistant. The board can withstand some moisture, but shall not be riding in puddles or in the water at the beach. Be cautious when riding near water or in the rain, dry your board completely before charging it to avoid damage.

With that said they are very water-resistant and the evolution of the Onewheel Pint has further improved it with the seal control and battery box. Riding in damp-ish conditions and light rain shouldn’t be any problem just keep out for puddles. Deep puddles and submersion of the board will have a good chance of causing issues and water damage.

The vents are protected from direct water impact by the bumpers, so you should be absolutely fine spraying your board from all angles, riding through puddles, etc., but just don’t play chicken with waves that could wash over your board.

Onewheel riding on the beach
Shonduras riding in water

It’s also important to protect the charging port from water and debris. The plug for the charging port does not come as a standard with the board.

There is a risk of losing the plug so I recommend getting a few.

If you are going to ride in the rain and wet condition It’s highly recommended to check and improve the water-resistant of the board. Badger Wheel have developed kits for the Onewheels for this purpose. To Badger, a board is to install one of these on both the control and battery box. The application will change depending on you have an XR or Pint so, therefore, I recommend to their site to read more about the badgering process or read my article for the Onewheel Pint bearing cover.

Onewheel waterproof riding in the water

The other weak point of the Onewheel is the bearings. The way to protect the bearing and the inside of the motor is to use some high-quality grease and a plastic cap around the main axle. Badger wheel got a Bearing Protection kit depending on the model that’s easy to install. I use a 3D printed version that works on the same principle for my Pint. It can be found on Thingiverse.

Storing a wet Onewheel

If your board is wet you should not store it vertically. This is because the risk of water getting into the battery and controller apartments will increase. Water will follow the seam of the control and battery box on its way down. If you decide to ride in the wet WIPE YOUR BOARD DOWN and do not charge the board while it´s wet.

Can you hose off a Onewheel?

Don’t hose down your Onewheel. The Onewheel is not waterproof and if water gets into the control or battery box it will damage the electronics. Water damage is not covered by the warranty.

If you need to clean your board do this instead.

Can I ride my onewheel in the rain?

At your own risk, as the Onewheel is only water-resistant and not waterproof, the recommendation is to avoid riding it in heavy rain and stay away from puddles. If water finds its way into the electronics or under the sensor pad you are risking breaking the board. Water damage is not covered by the warranty.

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