Onewheel Pint Land-Surf Fangs v2 (Info, Install, Review)

I commute with my Onwheel in the morning and to be honest I’m not always fully awake. Even if I’m fully protected, you can see my list here, the risk of a nosedive is always there. Adding fangs to my Onwheel Pint will not prevent a nosedive, it will give me a chance to gain control again. The fangs reduce the friction of the nose when hitting the ground, instead of launching you forward it will slide giving you time to react, and recover from the nosedive or jump off.

The only way to prevent nosedives is to not accelerate too hard for a given speed – thus, no product can “prevent” a nosedive.

A bonus to the Pint is the integrated handle into the bumper, it’s not comfortable to hold for long. For longer walks, I use the integrated side-handle but it makes the Onwheel Pint easier to pick up off from the ground and put into a vertical stand.

I recommend everyone who wants some more peace of mind to grab a Fangs for their board. I decided on Fangs v2 from Land-Surf because of the sleek design and integration into the bumper other alternatives with bigger wheels are Slider from Sonny Wheels.

Land-Surf is the company behind the Onwheel Pint Fangs v2, located in California USA.

Onewheel Pint Fangs V2 Package
Onewheel Pint Land-Surf Fangs V2 Package

Fangs v2 Build Quality

The build quality is great and I’m impressed with the design and quality of the materials. Compiling reviews across the web indicate that their quality control is good, and in case of a mishap, they are fast to reach back and fix the problem. The Fangs I received fit extremely well together and could easily be installed into the Pint instead of the original bumper.


Land-Surf has taken a lot into the mechanical design of this product. The axle bolt uses the same Torx-20 as the rest of the pint screws so you don’t need extra tools (They include a Torx in the kit). Something I love as an Engineer, always try to keep it to one screw or at least one type of screw.

It’s easy to install and be removed with only 10 screws, 6 on the bottom and 4 on the top side. If needed the wheels can be removed and disassembled in case you need to replace the bearings or the entire wheel. The material in the wheels is urethane so they’ll grip to the ground and spin instead of plastic which could slide. Wheel clearance is good for the sleek design the Land-surf Fangs v2 offers.

Price and Benefits

When considering the Fangs v2 for your Onewheel Pint, one crucial factor that often weighs on the decision-making process is the price. The Land-Surf Fangs v2 package comes with a price tag of $119.95. While this may seem like an additional investment, the benefits offered by the Fangs v2 can outweigh the cost when it comes to the safety and control they provide.

The Fangs v2 are designed to reduce the risk of nosedives, offering riders a chance to regain control in critical situations. While it’s essential to note that no product can entirely prevent nosedives, the Fangs v2 act as an added layer of protection. In the event of a nosedive, the fangs minimize friction on the nose, allowing the board to slide rather than abruptly coming to a stop. This slide provides riders with valuable time to react, recover, or safely dismount.

Considering the potential consequences of a nosedive, the Fangs v2 offer peace of mind for riders seeking an extra layer of safety during their Onewheel excursions. The sleek design and integration into the bumper make the Land-Surf Fangs v2 an appealing choice. Alternatively, for those interested in options with larger wheels, alternatives like the Slider from Sonny Wheels are available in the market.

The $119.95 investment in the Fangs v2 is not just about the price; it’s an investment in enhanced safety and control, contributing to a more secure and enjoyable Onewheel riding experience. As with any purchase, the decision ultimately rests on individual preferences, riding styles, and the value placed on rider safety.

How To Install the Fangs v2

Installing the Onwheel Pint Fangs v2 is easily done, the kit comes with all you need including a manual and Torx-20 key.

Onewheel Pint Fangs v2 install
Onewheel Pint Land-Surf Fangs v2 install
  1. To remove the old bumper unscrew the 6 screws on the bottom of the board.
  2. Flip the board and loosen the screw on the top of the board that holds the footpad and fender.
  3. Press the bearings into each side of the two wheels.
  4. Insert the axle from the inside.
  5. Add the washer to the axle and then the wheel. This is the most tricky step of the installation.
  6. Push the axle through the wheel and into the side. Tighten using a Torx-20 key. Repeat for the other wheel.
  7. Remove the old fender and slide the Fangs bumper into its place. Align the screws and screw holes before re-installing the screws and tighten them all. Option if you have Loctite use this on the screws before installing. Don’t overtight.

Onewheel pint fangs and float plates

If you are using Float Plates Solo, by The Float Life, to protect the underside of your board you will need to do some modification to use the plates and the fangs at the same time.

The Float Plates Solos need to be trimmed down to allow and increase the wheel clearance. This can be done with a boxcutter/knife or saw. Cut off the front portion of the plates and reduce the thickness of the corners around the wheels.

Land-Surf Fangs v2 with Floatplates
Land-Surf Fangs v2 with Floatplates

Do Onewheel Fangs Work

To the question, if fangs work I can only say, Yes. After having them for a while they have saved me one time from a nosedive that most likely would have been a bad hit to the ground. I was floating with a bit too much sound in my ears and wasn’t paying attention.

The fangs made it possible for me to jump off the board and run out of the nosedive. I can say that I was a bit shaken afterwards, and happy I had them. This happened on asphalt, haven’t tested the fangs on more uneven grounds.

The clearance is a bit smaller than the wheels from Sonny, if you want maximum protection check out my comparison of all front wheels for the Onewheel Pint.

FAQ Onwheel Pint Fangs

What are Fangs for Onewheel?

Fangs are added wheels in front of the board, it could be integrated into the bumper or installed in front. The fangs reduce the friction of the nose when hitting the ground, giving the rider time to react and recover from the nosedive.

Do Onewheel Fangs Work?

The fangs work most of the time and have saved several riders from a nosedive. It’s not guaranteed to work every time and will depend on the surface.

How do Onewheel fangs work?

The wheels will roll on the ground carrying on the momentum of the board, allowing the rider to jump off or regain control instead of coming to a dead stop. A dead stop launches the rider forward abusing the difference in momentum between the board and rider.

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