Best Stand for Onewheel (GT/ XR & Pint) 2023

Onewheel stands are a great way to not only display your board but also store it in a convenient way while not riding. When you come back from floating around it’s good to have an easy and way to put your Onewheel board away, here is where a stand comes into play. Future Motion Inc. has three options and there are other alternatives from third-party sellers in different shapes and materials like wood, powder-coated metals, or plastic.

A Onewheel stand will protect your wall from scratches that could come from leaning the board against it. It’s also a nice way to show off your favorite possession while creating a great conversation piece in your room.

As long as your significant other approves!

The stands can be categorized into two different segments, standing and wall-mounted. Standing includes both vertical and horizontal displays on the floor.

Future Motion Onewheel Stands

All options from Future Motion are considered floor standing. There are the GT-Stand, “Deep Shack” rack, the “Wave” stand, and the “Side” stand. All come at the price of 95 USD and can be considered expensive compared to other options. The GT-Stand is specially made for the GT while the other works for both the Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint.

Future Motion promotes both the Deep Shack Rack and Onewheel “Wave” Stand as inspired by the shape of a wave and the flow of riding a Onewheel. A perfect addition to any home or office, it allows riders to dock their board vertically, maximizing space and keeping your spot clean.

Onewheel “Side” Stand is a more unique way of displaying your board if you got the floor space for it. This is definitely the one stand I would consider from Future Motion.

Onewheel Stand
Onewheel “Side” Stand

Free Standing Onewheel Stands for XR and Pint

There are a lot of third-party options if you don’t want want to buy one of the three floor-standing from Future Motion. It comes down to what style you like. Like Future Motion Inc work stands both for the XR and Pint. I use a DIY stand from some scrap wood pieces, see below.

The cheapest is from DIYE and sold on Amazon

If you are having the GT we recommend looking into the standard stand from Future Motion Inc priced at $95. The stand is clean, minimal, and works as advertised. As the GT is a heavier board it’s recommended to get something designed for it.

Wall-Mounted Onewheel Stand for XR and Pint

There are not so many wall-mounted mounts for either the XR or Pint. The one I recommended is from BareMechanics and their Wood Mount. You need to get the one designed for your specific board either Onewheel XR or Onewheel Pint.

I got a Onewheel Pint and will try to get the approval to install this at home.

BareMechanics also got a wall-mounted holder for the charger. If you have a 3D printer there is an alternative to places like Thingiverse.

Other good alternatives for the Onewheel XR are:

Landslide Wall Mount for Onewheel (XR & Pint)
It’s a minimal design and takes up almost no space on your wall.

Landslide Wall Mount for Onewheel

A mount enabling you to store and display your Onewheel vertically on any wall. It’s made of powdered-coated stainless steel. The board is securely mounted in the holder and an up-and-side-wards motion is required to free it from the mount. This ensures a safe and secure hold if you have kids around.

Onewheel Wall Holder XR from Classified Design (XR)
The benefits of this wall mount are that it will hold the stock OW charger and its price. It’s made of plastic and the board is not as secure as BareMechanics or Landslides wall mount.

DIY Onewheel Stands

The easiest is to use some scrap wood pieces and create a Onewheel stand. Just measure, cut it, and screw it together. You can be more or less fancy designing your own stand. Some designs of the stand use a hinge on the backside to make a collapsible when not in use. Another and the most common has a T-design with a pillar in the middle to hold the board in an upright position.

DIY Onewheel Stand

Another alternative is if you have a 3D printer at home. There are a lot of good Onwheel stands designed by the community on Thingiverse and other sites like

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