Onewheel Pint X – Adam Savage’s Favorite things of 2021

Adam Savage is breaking down the list of his favorite things of 2021. On the list is the Onewheel Pint X from Future Motion Inc. The Pint X is the latest model released in 2021, whereas the Onewheel GT will come at the beginning of 2022.

Future Motion has matured into just an amazing maker of transportation objects.

Adam Savage

He has been riding Onewheels for a long time, with over 4000 miles traveled across all Onewheels in his garage. Adam’s thoughts of the Pint X are, “It’s a different machine compared to its precursors. The roundness of the wheel increases the strain on the ankles.”

Remember he is coming from an XR and the wheel is a lot rounder on the Onewheel Pint and the Pint X. The Pint X shares the same wheel, and the only difference is the change of battery. The X got the battery pack from the XR drastically increasing the range of the board.

Adam loves the range and nimbleness of the Pint X. Making it his favorite Onewheel to date, he is looking forward to the Onewheel GT for some long-range riding.

The full list of Adam Savage’s Favorite things of 2021

Here is the complete list of his favorite things of 2021. There are some interesting items like the special Leatherman Wave and the I Can Mixx Spray Paint Can Mixer if you use a spray painter.

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