How to install Onewheel Flight Fins on a Fender

There are two ways of installing the Flight Fins, either with the FlightFender or on the stock Fender from Future Motion. The cheapest option is to buy the Flight Fins, v1 or v2, and just attach them to your board. Down below is what you need to have and how to install them.

Tools and Equipment to install the Onewheel Flight Fins

  • Fender (the Onewheel Flight Fins are designed around the stock fender, but still it does works on others as well)
  • Drill
  • 7/32” drill bit (for the fins holes)
  • 1/4” drill bit (for the zip tie holes)
  • Patient’s tape (for marking the fender holes)
  • A pen or marker (to mark the fender holes)
  • Phillips Head screwdriver
  • Small wrench or ratchet
  • Allen wrench

How to install the Onewheel Flight Fins on a fender

Installing the Flight Fins are easy if you just follow the steps down below. Make sure to take it easy and measure twice before drilling into your fender. You don’t have any options to do adjustments after they are installed as the Flight fender kit provides.

Step 1 – Prepare the Fender for Installation

The first step is to start with the fender attached to your Onewheel. Having it attached makes the measurement more accurate as the height of the footpad will be accounted for when you line the fins up in step 2. Put painter’s tape on both sides of the fender where the fins will be placed. The Painter’s tape makes it possible to mark where the fins will be attached.

Step 2 – Fit the Fins on the Onewheel

For this step, it is important that you use the shoes you normally wear when you are riding the Onewheel. If you are using multiple shoes you have two options, either use the biggest shoes so all work with the Flight Fins, or choose the one you most often ride with.

Power on the board, step onto it, and center your feet up against the fender. Put the Fins over your foot, and move it up and down until you find a comfortable placement. Use the pen/marker to outline the corners of the Fin.

onewheel flight fins install fender shoe

Repeat this step with the other side

Tip: Use a chair to have someone help to keep balance/mark while fitting the Fins.

Step 3 – Create the marks for the holes

Power of the device. Align the Fins with the marks on the fender. With a nail or something sharp scratch into the painter’s tape through each of the four holes.

Tip: Use a pen/marker to mark the scratch mark more visually for the next step

Step 4 – Drill the Holes into the Fender

Remove the fender from the Onewheel and drill the marked Fin holes with the 7/32” drill bit..

Step 5 – Bolt the Fins to the Fender

Install the Fins with the corresponding bolts on the inside of the fender. The 1” bolts on top and the 5/8” are on the bottom holes. Use a wrench to keep the nut in place while using the screwdriver to tighten the bolts.

Do not overtighten the bolts.

If you overtighten the bolt there is a risk of damaging and/or pulling the bolts thru the Fins.

onewheel flight fins installed on fender

Step 6 – Drill the Zip Tie Holes

This is an optional but recommended step. Drill a hole slightly above the fastening point on all four sides of the fender with the 1/4 ” drill bit.

Step 7 – Final Adjustments

Install the Fender back on and roll the board back and forth to verify that the bolts are not contacting the wheel. You can visually inspect the wheel for any marks indicating contact with the wheel.

Step 8 – Install The Zip Ties

To further secure the fender to the board loop the zip ties through the fender holes and around the rails of your board. Pull them tight and trim the excess off.

Now you are ready to float and Fly with your newly installed Flight Fins!

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