Onewheel Statistics 2023

The Onewheel is one of the fastest-growing micromobility devices out there, with its unique design and riding feeling. Here are some of the latest statistics as of 2023.

There are no official numbers of Onewheels sold, estimates are at least above 50000. The biggest Facebook forums have more than 50000 users, and Onewheel Reddit has 47.5k Members. Many riders are not members of these forums indicating a larger number of boards are sold by Future Motion Inc.

Onewheel is a rapidly growing sport, with more than 11 planned races and events for 2023.

Total miles ridden on a Onewheel per year
Total accumulated miles transported on a Onewheel, per year 2020-2022

Total number of miles ridden on Onewheel’s

There are more than 100´000´000 miles ridden as of 22 October 2022. This is longer than the distance from the earth to the sun. In celebration, Future Motion Inc. announced the 22 October the “Intergalactic Go Ride Your Onewheel Day”.

This is basically a doubling of miles ridden in one year alone. It took seven years, the time from 2014-2021 to complete 50 million miles, more than half of the miles, 27.3 million, were logged in 2020 alone. This indicates a yearly doubling of miles during the past two years.

YearTotal Accumulated Miles
Total accumulated miles ridden on Onewheel

Oneewheel facts and figures

  • Since 2014, Onewheel riders in 139 countries.
  • The longest continuous ride is 2,796 miles by Jon Shier. It did include charging stops along the way.

Most ridden miles on a Onewheel

The record holder for most miles ridden on a Onewheel is Javier Starks, who has more than 37’499 miles (60349 km) on his Onewheel+ XR. He goes under the name OneWheelWing and the board’s name is OneWheelWing DC on the leaderboards.

Onewheel leaderboards
Most ridden miles on a Onewheel [Onewheel Leaderboard]

Interest of Onewheel

The interest in Onewheel is growing stead over the past 5 years. Even if there are signs that the recession will have some impact.

Onewheel interest over time
Onewheel interest over time [Explodingtopics]