Lazyrolling Armored Black On Black Reflective Performance Hoodie Review

The Lazyrolling Armored Hoodie is a bit too hot in the summer so I decided to get the Armored Performance Hoodie as well. I decided to also opt for the black on black reflective version. This is the latest design with some added upgrades that I will go over. I used the hoodie for more than a year in combination with the level-2 pads when the weather allowed for it during my commute with my Onewheel Pint.

In this review, I will also compare the Performance Hoodie against the Armored Hoodie. I got a full review of the Lazyrolling Armored Hoodie after more than 1 year of use.

As a dad, I always nowadays ride protected. The Lazyrolling Performance hoodie gives me more protection than I would normally run during a hot summer day with the addition of back protection and kevlar lining for my upper body. The hoodie is way easier to put on than my elbow pads with the added benefits of feeling comfortable and looking great.

I think that the Armored Performance hoodie has really made it easy for everyone to ride padded and still ride with style in hot climates. Especially for people doing highspeed runs on electric skateboards where the road rash can be really harsh when falling off the board. The only downside is the price, which is on the high side, what you get from Lazyrollings is a premium product with great protection.

Armored jackets and hoodies have been around in the motorcycle world for a while but nothing until now has been tailor-made for the personal electric transportation world with electric skateboards and Onewheel´s. This consists of key features on the Lazyrolling like the added thumb holes to keep the sleeves and protection from riding up and the button on the back used to secure the hoodie in your belt loop.

I love the minimal effort of just throwing on my Armored hoodie by Lazyrolling instead of all the trouble of putting on my elbow guards. It doesn’t even look like I’m wearing protection.


The Lazyrolling Armored Performance Hoodie offers you the different protection layers of the elbow-, shoulder pads, and back protection combined with a kevlar lining. Instead of having to worry about all these multiple pieces of protection before your ride, the hoodie has it together all in one piece of comfortable clothing. Depending on the type of pads you decided to put it even be it can even be certified as motorcycle protection with classification EN 17092-4:2020 Class A with the level 2 pads.

Lazyrolling Armored Performance Hoodie Back Pocket
Lazyrolling Armored Performance Hoodie Back Pocket

I only got the level 2 for the Performance Hoodie as they are more flexible and make the hoodie even more comfortable compared to the standard level 1 I got in my Armored Hoodie from 2019.

I haven’t fallen in my hoodie so I can’t personally describe the protection from a first-hand point of view. Reading up on the reviews, comments, and also crash test videos shows that this thing can take a beating if (when) the day comes and I take a nosedive that I can’t run out.

The likelihood that you actually wear safety gear exponentially increases when the gear is comfortable, stylish, and convenient.


Additional features besides the thumbholes and belt loop holder are the ventilation zippers under the arms down the side of the hoodie. These are like most jackets on the market and make it possible to increase the ventilation even more while riding. It’s especially effective for us Onewheel riders standing sideways pushing air into the ventilation when riding.

I got the Black on Black, adding a reflective layer on the upper part of the body. This is a special fabric that appears black/grey when no light is shining on it. This is a great feature if you plan to do a lot of night rides with the drawback of reducing the ventilation of the garment.

Lazyrolling Armored Black On Black Reflective Performance Hoodie Reflective Flash
Photo without and with flash

The hoodie got an integrated  RECCO® reflector making you searchable for the rescuers. I see this as more of a gimmick even if it’s nice to have. You could be using the hoodie under a rain jacket for some added protection while snowboarding. In these scenarios a RECCO® reflector is good to have, still, most modern snowboard/skiing gear has one today.

Ultimately, the best safety gear is the safety gear that you will consistently wear. It doesn’t matter how great or highly rated a helmet or a set of wrist guards or elbow guards are if you never wear them on rides.

Fit & Comfort and size

The hoodies are sized as a relaxed regular fit, which means that they fit slightly loosely like most hoodies are.

I’m 6’1 159lbs (186cm 72kg) with long arms and usually wear medium t-shirts to large depending on the arm length. As I already have an Armored Hoodie in Large I did order the same version. Compared to the Armored Hoodie of 2019, this was a bit longer in the body and just a tiny bit snugger. I would say that the Performance Hoodie fits nicely, and it’s like a regular hoodie. 

I’m more used to tighter clothing and often wear slim fit because of my body profile, that being said it’s comfortable when you’re riding and it lets air flow thru the fabric and around your body. The zippers become important if you have any of the reflective versions, as the fabric does block some airflow.

Installing the protection pads

The new design of the hoodie makes the installation way easier than my old 2019 Armored Hoodie. Before people complained about the installation, with the new back pocket from 2021 this is long gone. 

I got it with the level 2 pads, these are easier to install than the level 1 and way more comfortable. The level pads are also Certified Level CE 2. Rated: EN 1621-1: 2012. I have mostly ridden with these (Check out my review of the Lazyrolling level 2 pads) but since the last months, I would actually recommend the more flexible Slim Tripleflex Pads 2.0.

Installation: To insert them you need to roll up the pads in order to fit them into the small opening of the mesh pockets. 

Build Quality and Material

The Hoodie is made out of an outer layer of polyester that let air pass thru easily. Underneath is a kevlar lining to protect you from road rash in case of a nosedive. The fabric in combination with the airflow system allows the heat to escape, giving you great comfort during the warmer days. 

The Performance Hoodie is the lightest hoodie made by Lazyrolling. This is not really noticeable when you have it on. The weight really makes the hoodie feel like a really premium product. You can feel it the first time you hold it in your hands that this is really something, the hoodie is heavy even without the pads installed.

Performance Hoodie vs Armored Hoodie Fabric
Armored Hoodie (right) vs Performance Hoodie (left) Fabric

The black on black has a grey reflective layer on the upper body that help you be visible in the dark. Lazyrolling states that the black option is around 30% less reflective than the normal option. This is not something I can confirm, I really liked the black design and I´m fine with the reduced performance.

The material is of high quality on the outside, and the pocket that holds the pads in is still holding up after a year of use. It has held up in the washing machine, just remove the pads and close the zippers before washing.

Customer Service

The one time I used their customer service was during the sizing of my Armored Hoodie. I did order the wrong size and the exchange process was quick and smooth. My experience with the support at LazyRolling was positive, they were friendly, and usually quick to respond.

I haven’t had any need to contact them with any other support inquiries because the products, both the Armored Hoodie and Performance Hoodie have held up and haven’t failed me. What I have read from user experience in the community and from other experiences is that they have great customer service, just remember Lazyrolling is still a small business.

Their operation is only handled by a couple of people, doing the support, website, and product management with shipping and receiving. 

The verdict

I own two hoodies so it should not come as a surprise that I really like the offering from Laazyrolling. The Performance Hoodie is really great for anywhere where the temperature is hot for a larger period of time of the year. The polyester fabric does let air pass thru and helps in combination to regulate your body temperature. If you opt for the reflective version, then there will be reduced airflow on the upper body as the reflective material doesn’t let air pass. This can be a good or bad thing so keep that in mind when you are considering your purchases.

As I leave in Sweden I use my Armored Hoodie a bit more, still, there are days during the summer when the Performance is just perfect. Their vents make a lot of difference but if you live in a hotter climate I would actually take the Performance Hoodie over the regular.

I have heard complaints about the high price of the Lazyrolling hoodie and that it may put some people off. I think you should account for the protective gear you get as well as the high-quality hoodie the price is more than reasonable. You can even get $20 off by using my affiliate code FALLMAN.

You can get it with preinstalled pads for an extra $10, I don’t think you need to do it and you should save your money. I rather use the money and opt-in and get the Level 2 pads (review) instead of the more flexible Slim Tripleflex Pads 2.0 (review)

I ride padded to be a role model for my son and not to lose any time from work because of a stupid accident. A hoodie is a lot cheaper than a trip to the emergency room or the time lost from work.

I recommended anyone to get the Lazyrolling Performance Hoodie if you are living in a hot climate, or any of their other collection to ride protected if you have a different need. The reflective serves a purpose if you ride a lot in the dark, I would rather put the money into getting the more flexible Slim Tripleflex Pads 2.0.

Use the code FALLMAN to get $20 off.

If you want to know the other gear I use check the protective gear list that I use when I ride or commute.

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