Onewheel Trade-In Program Terms And Conditions

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Onewheel Trade-In Program Terms And Conditions

Future Motion Inc. has launched a trade-in program for the Onewheel GT S-Series. This program allows owners of the Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel GT to trade in their old boards for a coupon that can be used towards the purchase of a new Onewheel GT S-Series. There are some terms and conditions to accept before sending the board in, the good thing are that the board only need to be fully assembled to be traded in, it doesn’t need to work or even power-on.

The trade-in values for the Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel GT are $800 and $1200 respectively. Once the old board is received and verified to be in complete condition, a coupon code will be emailed to the customer.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the trade-in program are as follows:

  • Future Motion, Inc. is not responsible for the loss of any contents of a package sent in as a result of poor packaging. including obscuring materials in surplus packaging.
  • Future Motion, Inc. is not responsible for losses of package in-transit. The product must arrive to the center to be considered for the trade-in program.
  • I understand that if I send in an incomplete board it will be discarded and not returned and I will not receive a trade-in coupon.
  • I understand that my trade-in credit will be in the form of a coupon toward the purchase of a Onewheel GT S-Series.

Official Onewheel trade-in program

If you send in your board with third party footpads/fenders, etc that is fine. But to qualify, your board must be fully assembled with all the original internal components and rails installed. – Future Motion Inc.

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