Future Motion Inc. Releases Spare Parts: A Milestone for Onewheel Enthusiasts

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Future Motion Inc. Releases Spare Parts

For years, the Onewheel community has been advocating for increased access to spare parts, and finally, their voices have been heard. Future Motion Inc., the company behind the popular Onewheel electric boards, has made a significant move by releasing over 50 individual parts for sale on their website, including parts for the discontinued XR model.

This announcement marks a crucial moment for Onewheel riders, who have long faced challenges when it comes to repairing their beloved boards. Often needed to use scrapped board sources by third-party repair shops around the country. Whether it’s a Pint (X) Control Module Gasket or an XR Main Cable Harness, these individual parts are essential for riders who prefer to handle repairs themselves or want to have spare parts on hand for maintenance.

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with riders expressing their excitement and gratitude for this long-awaited development. Some enthusiasts jokingly suggested the addition of “Warranty voided if broken” replacement stickers, highlighting the playful banter among fans.

Others credited the advocacy for right-to-repair legislation for pushing companies like Future Motion to offer replacement parts, emphasizing the importance of pro-consumer behavior. Individuals praised Future Motion for taking a significant step in the right direction, reflecting on past struggles with finding affordable parts and expressing relief for new riders who won’t have to endure the same challenges.

Onewheel Pint controller box open

However, not all responses were entirely celebratory. Some urged Future Motion to continue expanding their offerings to include critical components like batteries and controllers. Others expressed relief but hinted at lingering frustrations due to the prolonged wait for spare parts availability.

Critics questioned the timing of Future Motion’s decision, pointing out the company’s previous reluctance to provide spare parts. Nonetheless, the release of over 50 individual parts signifies a significant shift in approach, aligning with the evolving landscape of consumer rights and regulatory requirements.

As California’s right-to-repair legislation comes into effect, Future Motion’s commitment to offering spare parts until 2028 for products sold before July 2021 underscores a broader movement towards greater transparency and accessibility within the tech industry.

In the end, whether driven by legal mandates or genuine consumer demand, Future Motion’s decision to release spare parts represents a win for Onewheel riders everywhere. As the community eagerly awaits further developments, one thing is certain: the future of Onewheel repairs is looking brighter than ever.

Right-to-Repair Legislation

The right-to-repair legislation is a significant movement that aims to empower consumers to repair their own products, rather than being dependent on the original manufacturer for service. This legislation includes bills addressing specific products, such as wheelchairs, and those targeting broader categories, such as medical, digital, or agricultural equipment.

The legislation often includes language on what tools, parts, software, or instructions manufacturers should provide to independent repairers or product owners so they may repair the products they own. For instance, California’s new law requires manufacturers to make the parts, tools, and documentation needed to diagnose, maintain, and repair consumer electronic devices and appliances available to independent repair shops and consumers at fair and reasonable prices.

The right-to-repair movement has gained momentum in recent years, with several states enacting legislation. For example, Colorado requires agricultural equipment manufacturers to provide resources for individuals to repair their own agricultural equipment. Similarly, New York requires manufacturers to provide consumers with parts or tools for electronic equipment manufactured for the first time and sold or used in New York after July 1, 2023.

The right-to-repair legislation not only lowers costs and increases competition but also extends the lifecycle of products, reducing waste and helping combat climate change. It represents a broader movement towards greater transparency and accessibility within the tech industry, aligning with the evolving landscape of consumer rights and regulatory requirements.
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