When to change your Onewheel tire

The tire should be replaced when you start to see uneven wear or the structural threads in the rubber are coming through. The Onewheel tire usually lasts around 750-1,500 miles, the lifespan depends on how you take care of the tire and your riding style. Most riders get around 1000 miles from their stock Vega tire.

The first sign is that you will be losing pressure faster than before and after a while, the tire will be ”sweating” out the slime installed from the factory. This can be seen as wet, darker, spots on the tire.

Onewheel tire leak slime
Onewheel tire “sweating” leaking Slime

Check your tire pressure frequently to ensure that you are riding at the optimal pressure. Keeping the tire at a higher pressure, around 20 PSI, will increase the lifetime of the tire. Riding on an underinflated tire puts a lot more stress and wear on it. If you see wear on the side/sidewalls of the tire then it’s a good sign to check your pressure. Aggressive carving with an underinflated tire will wear it down quick.

A properly inflated tire can last 1000-2000+ miles. With an underinflated tire and aggressive carving on pavement, the tire can be worn out as fast as <750miles. Uncertain on the tire pressure? use my Tire pressure calculator for Onewheel.

Onewheel tire sidewall wear
Onewheel tire sidewall wear

There is always a risk of puncture and you can use a tire plug if the tire sealant cant patch the hole. I recommended using Armor-Dilloz Red Tire Sealant designed for Onewheel instead of Slime if you need to refill your tire. Slime is still a good choice if you don’t have access to Amor-Dilloz.

How often should I change my Onewheel tire?

The Onewheel tire usually lasts around 750-1,500 miles, depending on a rider’s weight, riding style, and tire pressure. The milages depend mostly on the riding style, and tire pressure and the rider’s weight. There are Onewheels with tires that have lasted 2000+ miles

Do Onewheel tires come with slime?

Onehweel tires come with Slime’s Prevent & Repair Tire Sealant as the official tire sealant. Slime makes it possible to instantly seals punctures up to 1/4″ (6mm) in diameter in the tire.

What is a tire sealant?

Tire sealant is a liquid containing fibres and rubber particles that coat the inside of the tire. When the tire is punctured, the escaping air carries the sealant to the puncture. When the sealant escapes from the puncture the fibres and rubber get stuck in the hole and intertwine into a flexible plug sealing the tire.

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