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best shoes for onewheel

Embarking on the Onewheel journey requires not just a board, but the right pair of shoes to enhance the riding experience. This guide delves into the intricacies of selecting the best shoes for Onewheel in 2023. Focusing on key features like flat soles for optimal sensor activation and wide soles for stability, the article explores the choice between high, mid, and low-top designs.

Highlighting popular brands such as Vans and Nike, specific models favored by the Onewheel community are recommended. The guide goes beyond shoe selection, offering insights into maintenance, user reviews, budget-friendly options, and safety tips. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned rider, this comprehensive article provides essential insights for choosing the perfect Onewheel footwear.

Getting good activation of the sensor is a key part of riding the Onewheel and having a good time on the board. For this, it’s recommended to use a shoe with a flat sole. A flat sole will apply even pressure across the whole front foot pad, giving good activation.

Any shoe with a raised heel or a gap between the heel and toes is going to make for uneven pressure distribution and the risk that the board thinks your foot is off the sensor.

It’s not only the activation that’s important, it’s the feel of the board. The type of shoe you wear plays a huge part in getting that connection that will make you one with your board. When it comes to feeling the board the skateboard industry has been working on perfecting this for decades.

Key Features Of A Good Shoe

The key feature of skate shoes is that the sole is wide, especially around the heel & toes. The wide sole helps stabilize your foot and get you what riders call, being locked in.

If you want to get more basic shoes look for a wide sole and make sure it doesn’t taper out around the heel. This is a common problem in more casual shoes. The toe area is less important because your toes give you extra leverage when turning that the heel simply can’t.

When looking for shoes it’s a good idea to start in the skateboard section, these kinds of shoes are the best way to go and are often built with high-quality and durable material. Riding a Onehweel will give you less stress than a skateboard especially if you are riding with a fender.

High, Mid, or Low Top For Onewheel?

When it comes to shoes the second thing you need to think about is if you want to have a high, mid, or low top.

This is basically how high the shoes are going up over your ankles.

If you’re looking for the best ankle protection and support go for high profile, for good protection and some flexibility go mid and go low for a wide spectrum of movement. High tops are great for a beginner, they will give added ankle support, help to limit the dreaded wheel wobble and give you extra leverage for a quicker response from your board.

Another benefit of using a high top is the added protection if you are running without a fender. You are standing over a rolling go-cart wheel of rubber. If you fall or slip and hit the wheel leaving you with a painful wheel burn.

I ride with low tops to free up my ankle movements for more technical riding. Bear in mind, that I always ride with a fender on top of my wheel. An added benefits are that they are easy to put on which will give you more time for riding.

In the end, a high, a mid, or low top will be a personal choice when you are riding your Onewheel. The Mid tops are a middle ground between the two options.

Recommended Shoes For Onewheel

Two manufacturers of shoes come up when asking the community and pro riders. They are both coming from the skateboard scene Vans and Nike.


Vans are what many consider the skateboard brand and almost any shoe from them will give you a good riding experience. The shoe that is highly regarded by riders in the community is the Vans AVE Pros. Words like “They are amazing!!” and “Honestly didn’t think shoes could make that much of a difference but it is night and day.” are often coming from riders wearing these shoes.

vans ave pro low
Vans Ave Pro low
  • The shoes have best-in-class dampening and stability helping you to ride longer rides without foot fatigue.
  • The sole has a great grip making you one with the Onewheel and helping you to be locked in.

”I have SO much more control of my board it gave me so much confidence”

Vans Ave Pro
Vans Ave Pro

It’s a great-looking shoe, well built, and is available in a huge variety of styles so you can complete your look. That goes for almost all Vans models out there, you can get them in high, mid, and low depending on what you like.

Yes, I’m an Amazon affiliate but I don’t recommend you buy Vans from Amazon. There is no official store so I will not give you a link in this review. Get them from your local shop! Or check for skate shoes on Amazon for yourself

Nike – SB

Nike has a skateboarding line with their Nike SB brand. Many riders like them and they are available in high, mid, and low depending on what you like. They are manufactured with high-quality materials giving good durability and a board feel.

Nike is the contender and has many pro riders on their team. The main improvement is the Zoom Air technology. This provides superior dampening and responsiveness, reducing the impact on your ankles and feet, and will help with longer rides, especially in off-road or more bouncy terrain.

NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

The Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas is a breathable, flexible skate staple with a supportive sockliner that helps keep your feet feeling fresh during long rides.

Get them from your local shop! Or check for skate shoes on Amazon for yourself.

You can usually get some great deals on Skateboard shoes if you look around. Check your local chain sports store or Amazon and you can often find heavily discounted prices. Like most things, shoes are a personal preference, both in design and fit. I recommend checking your local shop to test what you like.


Here’s a summary of the key points when choosing a shoe for riding your Onewheel:

Key Features of a Good Shoe:

  • Flat Sole: A flat sole is recommended for even pressure distribution across the front foot pad, ensuring good activation of the sensor.
  • Wide Sole: Skate shoes with a wide sole, especially around the heel and toes, provide stability and a locked-in feel.
  • Durable Material: Shoes from the skateboard section are suggested for their high quality and durable materials.

High, Mid, or Low Top for Onewheel?

  • High Top: Offers the best ankle protection and support, ideal for beginners. Can help limit wheel wobble and provide extra leverage.
  • Mid Top: A middle ground between high and low tops, offering a balance of protection and flexibility.
  • Low Top: Provides a wide spectrum of movement, suitable for more technical riding. Easy to put on.

Recommended Shoes for Onewheel:

  1. Vans:
    • Model: Vans AVE Pros
    • Features:
      • Best-in-class dampening and stability.
      • Great grip for a locked-in feel.
      • Available in high, mid, and low options.
      • Variety of styles for a personalized look.
  2. Nike – SB:
    • Model: Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas
    • Features:
      • Breathable and flexible.
      • Supportive sock liner for comfort during long rides.
      • Available in high, mid, and low options.
      • Incorporates Zoom Air technology for superior dampening and responsiveness.

Additional Tips:

  • Purchase Location: While the author is an Amazon affiliate, it is recommended to buy Vans and Nike shoes from local shops to support them directly.
  • Deals and Discounts: Check local sports stores and online platforms like Amazon for discounted prices on skateboard shoes.

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