How to change to a solid tire on an Electric Scooter (Xiaomi m365, m365 Pro/Pro 2)

Oskar Fällman

solid tire on an Electric Scooter

If you ever have used an electric scooter with a pneumatic tire for a long time you will have had a puncture or two. Changing the tire and bladder on a scooter like the Xiaomi m365 is really hard and not like changing a bike tire. The small rims and tick rubber makes it hard even if you boil the tire for an extensive amount of time.

Changing to a solid tire will solve this problem.

Benefits of changing to a solid tire

The key benefits are that you are not risking getting a puncture in the middle of the ride, getting you stranded. This is especially important for people that are using the device for commuting. I got more than 3000km on my original m365 from daily commuting and have changed more than 5 flats during my time, this is with tire sealant inside. And I always ride with an electric pump, Xiaomi Air Compressor just in case. It has saved me so I could limp home

Downside of changing to a solid tire

  • The biggest downside of any solid tire is that even the best will increase the vibration coming from the road. A pneumatic tire will dampen a lot better and some users have, especially with the first versions of solid tires, experienced that welding points in battery packs that have come loose.
  • Lesser range and speed, as the tire rolling resistance usually is higher and also the weight this will result in lesser range and a slightly lesser acceleration and speed. Its good to look for a honeycomb style tire with a smaller contact surface to the ground to lessen the impact of your ride.

What you need to change tire

When installing a solid tire you will need, independently of which version you are getting, to boil the tire to soften the rubber. It’s more or less impossible to mount a tire without heating it up before. We don’t recommend anyone to put the tire in the microwave, instead, boil it for at least 10min to allow the whole tire to heat up and get softer.

  • 2 x 12” pry bars
  • Gloves – to handle the hot tire without burning
  • Clamp/vise/strap to hold the tire in place
  • Electrical tape (optional)

How to install a solid tire

It’s easier if you are two or if you have access to a vise to secure the wheel while prying on the tire onto the rim.

how to change to a solid tire for Xiaomi m365 electric scooter
How to change to a solid tire for Xiaomi m365 electric scooter
  1. Start with putting the solid tire inside a pot with water and let it boil for at least 10-20min.  this is to soften the rubber and make it easier to put on.
  2. Remove the wheel from the electrical scooter according to the instructions.
  3. Use two prybars to remove the old tire from the wheel and also remove the inner tube.
  4. Take a piece of electrical tape to block the innertube stem hole from the inside of the rim.
  5. Remove the hot tire from the pot, Warning wear gloves that and don’t burn yourself
  6. Put the tire onto the rim on one spot and secure it in place with a clamp/vise or strap.
  7. Use the two pry bars to slowly work yourself around the rim and put the tire in place, there will be a need for quite some force to put the last part on.

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