Xiaomi m365: 9 Upgrades and Accessories (2023)

There are some upgrades and accessories that are considered by the community to be a must-have for the Xiaomi m365. Ranging from making a better rider to boosting the performance of your electric scooter. Down below is our complete list of recommendations.

The Rear Mudguard Support Frame (Must-Have)

The support frame is one of the first things to install to ensure the reliability of the scooter. The frame will make rigid support for the rear fender and also eliminates the possibility of the LED cable touching the wheel. This is done by reducing the free movement of the fender and effectively stopping it from breaking or wearing down the cable.

To install it the correct way you will need to disassemble the fender by removing the 3 screws holding the fender in place. The kit I recommend to get the mudguard support frame and everything needed is this, Accessories Kit Set from Amazon.

Spacer For The Folding Mechanism (Must-Have)

The second most common problem is related to the steering column becoming loose. This is a well-known problem in the m365 community and almost every scooter will develop a loose steering column at some point in time.

It’s an easy fix, buy a spacer, that fits inside the folding mechanism. These spacers usually come in various thicknesses, like 0.6mm 0.8mm and 1.2mm, because the mechanism might get looser with time. I have been using the smallest since the first week I got the scooter until now over 2 years later. The kit I recommend to get the spacers and everything needed is this, Accessories Kit Set from Amazon.

If you don’t want o buy the thin plastic pacer there are other DIY alternatives like using electric tape to use as the spacers. I used black electric tape for the first weeks before getting my spacers.

Waterproof The Power Button (Must-Have)

The Xiaomi m365 is not rated as waterproof. The IP, Ingress Protection, rating is IP54, which means that it is relatively resistant to dust and splashing water. Therefore it may suffer damage when exposed to a significant amount of water.

The biggest problem with using the scooter as is in rain is the power button. It’s mandatory to protect it if you ever would consider taking it out for a spin when it pours down. This is because under the top and the power button is where the control board is located.

The two main ways are either with a plastic film over the power button/top display or with a cover of flexible material to put on. The cover protects the screen and top button from rain and scratches.

I have been running with a plastic film for more than two years with no problem. If you buy the kit recommended above, the Accessories Kit Set from Amazon, you will also get a good flexible cover.

If you plan to run the scooter in rain or wet conditions it’s recommended to use good rubber tires like the CST 8.5inch Tire from Amazon.

Leg Cover (Nice-To-Have)

If you don’t use a leg cover on your scooter be careful when having it indoors on the floor. I have scratched the parquet by the door a couple of times, luckily it was already in bad shape. There are covers to buy for a couple of bucks and it’s something I will get whenever we decided to renovate.

Boost Power (SW Hack) (Nice-To-Have)

The Xiaomi m365 is good out of the box. There is a possibility to download upgraded firmware to get more speed and power from the scooter. Make sure to follow the laws in your country before attempting this modification. For more information go to https://m365.botox.bz/

Tires For Better Grip (Nice-To-Have)

This is something that’s debated in the community. My recommendation for a daily commuter is to get some better tires if you plan to use the scooter in the rain or muddy snowy weather. See my recommendation in this post, Best tires for Xiami m365.

Rigid Steering Column Brace (Nice-To-Have)

As is the case with nearly all personal electric vehicles, electric scooters including the M365 can be dangerous if used improperly or in an unsafe manner.  The most crucial point on the m365 is the folding mechanism and are the result of most accidents. Installing a Rigid Steering Column Brace will get rid of the risk of the folding mechanism breaking when you are going downhill with a speed of over 30km/h.

The downside is that you also lose the ability to fold the steering column, this is a dealbreaker for me who fold the scooter up and take it into the office. I highly recommend this mod for anyone that can live with the fixed column.

In order to install this steel brace, you will need to take out the folding mechanism and replace it with the brace.  Essentially all it does is connect the upper steering column with the lower part of the M365 eliminating the need for the faulty folding mechanism.

If you are like me and need the folding mechanism there are other, a little more pricy, options like the Monorim X. It’s designed to keep the folding mechanism working and remove the risk of it breaking during the ride.

Proper Tire Pressure

Running with the correct tire pressure will not only make it a more comfortable ride but it will also help with tire wear, speed, and range. Here is the list depending on riders’ weight

Rider’s WeightFront TireRear Tire
50-70 kg35-40 psi (2.41-2.76 bar)40-50 psi (2.76-3.45 bar)
70-90 kg40-45 psi (2.76-3.10 bar)45-55 psi (3.10-3.79 bar)
90-100 kg45-50 psi (3.10-3.45 bar)50-60 psi (3.45-4.14 bar)
>100 kg50-55 psi (3.45-4.14 bar)60-65 psi (4.14-4.48 bar)
Note the Xiaomi M365 has not been rated for persons weighing more than 100 kg.

If you are not using a tire valve extension, highly recommended and what I use, the tires will when detaching the air pump from the valve located on the tire lose 3-7 psi.  To fix this it there recommended by the community to over-inflate the tires by about 5 psi.

Another good “upgrade” is the Xiaomi Air compressor. I have this small compressor in my backpack at all times when riding. It has already saved me once since getting it. When going home from work I got a flat and had to stop and refill the tire two times, but I got home in a lot faster time than walking.

Phone Holder (Nice-To-Have)

This is only for people who love to record data and see their speed at all times. Having a phone holder and a good program like m365 tools will make your phone into a great speedometer. The most recommended phone holder from Amazon and when asking the community is this one. I haven’t tested that one, I use the slightly more expensive RAM X-Grip. The key benefit is easy to mount and dismount the phone from the holder.

If you want to be safe and want to know my recommended safety gear for the electric scooter read more about Safety gear for commuting with a Personal Electric Vehicle.

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