GT40 Aluminum Protector Review (Onewheel)

The battery extension I use on my Onewheel Pint is the GT40 from GTMOD. It’s an external pack that you put on the fender and it will almost triple the range of the board, miles will vary depending on rider weight, tire pressure and terrain. The biggest drawback of the design is that the connection cable to the unit is exposed, users have reported breaking the connector and the unit when the board has rolled over.

To fix the issue there are multiple things to be done, 3D printing a protector, moving the GT40 to the back of the board or the best option is the GT40 Aluminum Protector, Side-Protector kit. The protector kit was quickly developed as a response to the failure of the initial units released and the team has really done a great job.

I was a tester of the 3D Printed version and was riding that without any problems. I didn’t have to test it in a real crash but it did hold up to tilting the board on the side from a standstill. Internal tests have shown that the printed model will not save you in a real crash, here is where the updated aluminum version comes into play. 

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The protection

The kit consists of thick aluminium plates and also a recess to protect the strap from damage during a fall. Without any protection or using the 3D printed model the strap is prone to damage as its located at the highest point. In the new design, there is a recess where the strap can sit protecting more from scraping to the ground.

Onewheel GT40 Aluminum Protector strap protection
Onewheel GT40 Aluminum Protector strap protection

The kit includes an improved low profile connector that will reduce the risk of breaking it. My board has a EBS DC1-48 90/90 Flat Power Cable 48 cm making it possible to mount the board on the back. The GTMOD most likely will be able to handle a bit more current compared to the EBS DC-1. 

WARNING: Don’t hot-swap the cable or GT40, This will risk bricking your board or unit.

Is the GT40 water resistant/waterproof?

The GT40 is not water-resistant and will not be it when installing the GT40 aluminium protector. There is the added benefit of the kit as it includes a gasket that will help fill some of the caps from the endplate of the unit. 

Onewheel GT40 Aluminum Protector gasket
Onewheel GT40 Aluminum Protector gasket

This design is something that the team should look into if they can improve the protection from the environment in further design. We don’t recommend anyone to ride with the GT40 in the rain, even after installing the kit.

The build quality

The build quality is really good and the sidewall protector consists of 3 parts that are machined aluminium, one for each side and a cable protection cap. The sides are joined by four rodes but together by eight screws. All parts are available in a variety of colours.

The Kit includes

The kit includes everything you need to install the protection kit, even the screwdriver for the bolts. No instructions are included but the assembly is really strait forward. The hard part is seating the gasket into the side protector and lining it up when pushing it onto the side.

  • 2x Side cover
  • 4x Connecting rod
  • 2x Silicon impact pads
  • 1x Low profile DC cable.
  • 1x Set of hardware.

Shipment of the GT40 Aluminum Protector

As stated on the homepage the shipment was via china air and took almost 3 weeks to reach Sweden. Three weeks can be considered good, according to GTMOD the shipment might take 10-30days. The drawback was that I had to pay custom and handling fees, this will vary depending on your location.


The kit is well worth it, and we think it should come standard with the battery pack. We don’t recommend anyone to ride with a GT40 without the Aluminum protection kit or a 3D printed equivalent to protect the unit.

We recommend the GT40 with the Protection kit. Are you looking for another alternative check out the complete Onewheel Pint Battery Range Extender List.

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