Future Motion Onewheel Customer Service (Support, Email, Phone, Submit Request)

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Future Motion Customer Service

If you are having any problems with your order, device or purchase contact Future Motion Incsupport by either email, request or give them a call. Future Motion Inc is located in Santa Cruz, California.

Future Motion Inc Support Information

Future Motion Inc is the manufacturer of the Onewheel customer service information. Down below is the Onewheel support phone number and email account for any request needed. There is also the possibility to send in a request with the support form.

Future Motion Inc support email: support@onewheel.com
Future Motion Inc customer phone number: 1-800-283-7943

onewheel support information
Future Motion Inc support information for the Onewheel board

Future Motion Inc how to submit a support request

If you want to submit a support request it is possible to do it with the Submit Request form on the Onewheel homepage. Clearly state the main reason for contacting Future Motion, a subject and a description of the event. This is to help you to get in touch with an appropriate support agent who can help you.

Onewheel repair shops

If you are out of warranty, check the requirements, it’s also an idea to look into independent repair shops around your area. Shipping a Onewheel can be an expensive item as it’s heavy and considered a dangerous device because of the batteries and pressurized tire installed.

Contact Future Motion Inc

For non-support use the following information when contacting Future Motion Inc. The headquarters is located in Santa Cruz California.

  • Phone:  1-800-283-7943
  • Website: www.onewheel.com
  • Email: info@onewheel.com
  • Address: 1201 Shaffer Rd Ste A Santa Cruz, CA, 95060-5763 United States
  • Facebook: Onewheel

Onewheel Career opportunity

If you are interested in joining the Future Motion team to build the next Onewheel, they are continuously posting a new open positions on the career page.

Building great things together.

We have an amazingly talented team that is constantly pushing for what is next. To get there we use our state-of-the-art facility in one of the most sought after locations on the California Coast. Idealism, entrepreneurship and innovation is strongly encouraged.

Future Motion Team
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