Onewheel GTR GTXR

The Onewheel GT comes with a 6.5-inch tire as stock, making it impossible at the current state to get any aftermarket tires. The solution is the Onewheel GTXR, GTR or GT6.0.

The Onewheel GT/GTXR/GT6.0 is a Onewheel GT with a 6 inch XR wheel hub and tire mounted with the stock GT motor inside. To do this you need a cover to connect them both.

The reason to change, at the launch there is only one place to get a tire for the GT and that’s Future Motion Inc. Third-party companies are looking into creating a 6.5-inch version, what we need to understand is that the market for a 6.5 inch is only the Onewheel community where the 6.0 is for the whole GO-Kart scene and many other places as well. 

WARNING: This will void your warranty

There are three ways to convert your board

  1. A spacer/shim
  2. Wheel cover plates/covers to bolt a XR to the GT motor
  3. Counter sink into the bearing stop to the hub of an XR and bolt it in

The current recommended way is the wheel cover either with the coming commercial or DIY if you have a machine shop.

GTR Wheel Covers From Tech-Rails and Stoke Life Service

The first companies launching a commercial alternative will be Tech-Rails and Stoke Life Service. They have decided to join forces and do a collaborate to make 6 inch XR wheels fit the GT. 

The wheel covers are made of high quality machined aluminium with integral fins for cooling the motor. This can be compared to the stock covers that are made of flat cast aluminium. The goal is that the fins and added aluminium will help with the reported problems of the high temperature of the GT.

GTR Wheel Covers From Tech-Rails and Stoke Life Service
GTR Wheel Covers From Tech-Rails and Stoke Life Service

The team is now doing extensive testing of the new cover but also looking into other means of cooling before launching the product.

Price: Pricing is not yet settled
Distribution: Distribution is not yet settled

DIY GT Stator/ XR rotor conversion- version 2

There are riders going DIY and making the endplates necessary to fit the XR endplate for the GTXR conversion. You will need to have access to a machine shop and some 6061 aluminium. Anyone going DIY look into the Onewheel Facebook group and threads for more information.

Benefits of the Onewheel GTR/GTX

The GTXR with a custom XR tire is night and day when compared to the stock GT. The GT tire has really hard rubber making you feel the bumps in the road even if you ride with low PSI. The old calculator doesn’t work for the GT  and the pressure recommendations are somewhere between 15-20PSI.

Some users are even riding below 10PSI, still, a GTR with a tire like Burris will still be softer and be better at taking up the bumps in the road.

Downside of the Onewheel GTR/GTX

The main downside of the conversion to a GTX is that the warranty is voided. At the current time, many Onewheel GTs have problems and need to be sent back to Future motion to be repaired. If the motor has been modified they will refuse to work on the board.

The second downside is a slight offset of the tire. Using the endplate will offset the tire with 0.138″ (3.5mm). This makes no difference in the ride experience, still, some riders are looking into options to align it.

Onewheel Stator

The Onewheel GT has the same stator as Plus, XR, Pint and Pint X. The result is no loss in power as the GTXR/GTR conversion only uses the XR rotor which in short is just a barrel with magnets. The Onewheel XR uses the same size of magnets as the GT.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for