Is Onewheel Pint too small? (Height, Feet, Weight)

Definitely not too small, it’s 1” narrower compared to the XR at 8.5”. You will still be able to ride it and in the end, it comes down to more personal preferences and comfort. Plus foot size and weight are more determining factors rather than the height of the rider.

Pint for tall people

The riders length has no impact on the Onewheel Pint. If you are tall then your centre of gravity will be a bit higher compared to a shorter rider, this is independent of what board you ride. The determining factor will be your foot size or weight and how far you want to ride.

Pint for large feets

The pint is 8.5” so yes if you have large feet and decided to ride with your foot horizontal to the board yes they will hang of the edges. Most riders have at least the leading foot slightly angled towards the direction of travel. It’s a more comfortable stance and also helps in the case of a nosedive and you need to run it out. (I highly recommend front wheels on the board)

Having larger feet is not a problem and actually many riders with size 13-14 like the Pint. Larger feets helps with the ability to put pressure on each edge of the board, giving you more control when turning and carving around.

The downside will be that you need to be a bit more conscientious about your foot placement to get a comfortable stance so the toes don’t feel like they are hanging over the edge too far.

If you are size 15 or above then I would recommend you to look into the XR. It has 1” more horizontal space to work with.

Pint and the rider weight

The weight of the rider will be the determining factor when it comes to the range of the board. The Pint has the same 750w motor as the XR and the smaller tire actually gives it a bit more torque compared to the XR.

A good thing about the smaller footpads is that they force the weight of the rider closer to the centre of the board than the XR. This results in a better stance and makes it easier for the board to balance.

Bottom line is that the Pint is not too small for most riders and the XR is more expensive for a reason. It’s faster, bigger, and has more range, are those 3 things worth the $850 price difference to you then get one.

Want to know more about the difference check out my complete guide on Onewheel Pint vs XR.

I always recommend you to try both boards to compare them before you decide to buy one. Future motion has a no return policy if you have been riding your board. The good thing is that the board do keep its value in the second-hand market.

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