Onewheel Pint vs XR, Which board is Right for You?

When you have decided that you want to get a Onewheel the next question will be should I get a Onewheel Pint or the Onewheel XR. They are really good in their own regards but slightly different. It will really depend on what you are after, your riding style, and how you will be using the board. Let’s break it down.

The Onewheel XR

XR stands for extended range and is the flagship model from Future Motion Inc. It has a bigger battery which gives you more range, and a bigger wheel and size making it more stable and a little more versatile over various terrains.

The Onehweel XR is the board for off-road riding, it can literally go anywhere, roads, gravel, sand, rocks. Compared to the Pint it’s a bit heavier at 26 pounds mostly due to the increased battery size.

If you need to commute longer distances, want to tag along on group rides without being left behind, or go off-road then the XR is the board for you. The only downside is the almost double price when compared to the Pint.

Onewheel Pint

The Pint is the latest and more refined board when compared to the XR. It has a smaller form factor, footpads, and weights a bit less at only 23 pounds.

Onewheel Pint
Onewheel Pint

The downside is the smaller battery with a range of around 6-8 miles depending on the riding conditions.

For me, it’s the perfect commuter board, with the smaller size, and lighter weight in combination with a built-in handle so it is easy to carry around.

The Pint can handle the same terrain as the XR, having a smaller and rounder wheel you will find the board a bit more unstable when going over bumps or obstacles on the trails.

Price difference

The XR model is priced at $1799 while the Pint comes in at $950, both prices are without any accessories. It’s clearly a big difference and you almost can get two Pints for the price of an XR.

Bear in mind, the price of the accessories are the same independent of the model you have chosen so the gap will soon become closer when these are stacking up.

As an example, I have spent + $ 300 on my Pint on added front wheels, fender, and protection of the board. All things that I would recommend any rider to invest in.

Range Comparison

The main reason for getting the XR is the increased range compared to the Pint. The XR has almost twice the range over the Pint, 12-18 miles (19-29km) vs 6-8 miles (10-13km).

For a normal rider, commuting to and from work 6-8miles should be more than enough to take you from A to B. There are a lot of factors that will affect the range and if you are a larger rider or if you are riding in cold temperatures the range will suffer. Also, consider your own endurance, in the beginning, you will feel it in your feet after pushing the full range of the Pint. This is something you will train over time and your feet and muscles will get used to the riding stance.

I decided to save some money and did go for the Pint over the XR. I ride 3 miles to work and bring my charger with me to ensure that I can make it home. So if you ride below 8 miles you can save some money and get a pint. Just take your charger to work and you’ll be set.

The XR is great if you want to go on group rides with other riders and don’t feel the range anxiety, long distances commuting or you plan to hit the trails.

Onewheel group ride

When I’m riding with my friend and his XR, yes I wish I could go a bit longer. Still, for my day to day, the Pint is just perfect.

There is a possibility to do battery modifications depending on the hardware versions on both the Pint and XR to extend the range. I only recommend you look into it when you are out of warranty.

To check want can be done and how to check your version you can find it here, Pint hardware versions, XR hardware versions.

Onewheel Speed Comparison

The Onewheel XR is slightly faster with a top speed of 19mph (30 km/h) compared to the 16 mph (26km/h) of the Pint. The main difference is that pushback is more pronounced in the Pint and comes a bit earlier compared to the XR. If you really want to get the highest speed go for the XR, else if high speeds it not your thing then the Pint should be plenty for you.

XR and Pint Size Comparison

The pint is slightly lighter than XR with its 23 pounds (compared to XR 26 pounds), but it feels the same when you carry it for long periods of time. A nice thing if you are looking for a more compact board is the smaller form factor of the Pint, The Pint comes 27” compared to 29.5” of the XR. It has a narrower stance and a smaller footpad. But also that’s relative to your height/build.

The shorter board makes it more nimble when commuting and the XR feels more like a tank you are howling around.


None of the boards is waterproof, both are advertised as water-resistant. From a build standpoint, the Onewheel Pint clearly is better developed and more resistant than the slightly older Onewheel Pint. The sealed control and battery boxes are a big step up in the refinement of the Onewheel product line. Still, they are not waterproof and I would recommend you badgering your board if you plan to take it out in any wet conditions.

Riding Experience

Pint is for fun.


XR is for shredding.


The marketing is true and the XR is much more suitable for longer trips and rougher terrain when compared to its little brother. You need to be more alert when riding the Pint with its smaller tire and it’s definitely much easier to ride an XR off-road and shredding trails.

That being said, the Pint is much more nimble and really shines on the streets and floating around.

The good thing is that you can change the tire of a Pint to get a more stable base for trail riding. If you got an XR you can change the tire to make it more nimble like the Pint and almost get the same feeling. For more information read about The Growler where you put a smaller tire on the XR.


I got the Pint, and for me, it’s the perfect last-mile board for commuting to work. It’s not only me, many riders prefer the more nimble size when riding to work and bringing it into the office. The board is kept under my desk where I plug it into my charger to prepare for the trip home.

The more nimble experience helps you when maneuverable around people and obstacles along your commute. It’s also perfect if you need to grab something on your way home, the Pint for short in-town fits nicely in a grocery cart.

Onehweel Pint commuting

Off-road and trail riding

Here is where the XR really shines, it’s a lot more stable when riding off-road and down the trails. This comes from the flatter profile of the wheel and the bigger size. It’s possible to change the tire of the Pint but still, you will not get the same feeling. Are you planning to do trails, then I would definitely consider the XR over the Pint.

Flying with the board

Pint is the only board that you technically can fly with. Still, this is something that’s not 100% guaranteed and the individual airlines have the last word.

The battery of the Pint is below 160Wh and by that below the regulation for the TSA. I recommend you to read up more and take a look here, Flying with a Pint.

Have not tried to fly with my Pint, a lot of people have still I don’t want to risk it or have had the need to do it. I would just rent it from places like Suprents at the destination I will fly to.

With the XR there is a big no and the only way is to disassemble the board and ship the battery separately with the postal service to your destination.

Try Both Boards Before Deciding

I always recommend you to try the boards before you buy, If you can either get to a good dealer where you can trie the boards or rent a board nearby your location for a couple of hours. Looking for places to rent and what you need to think about check my guide here.


It all comes down to what you are after when buying the board, they are both great devices and deliver slightly different things.

If price is the main driver then you can’t go wrong with the Pint. For me, the Pint is fun and a perfect commuter for someone looking for that last-mile vehicle. It’s still perfect for hitting some trails with your friends it’s just that you will not be able to ride the whole day and the XR guys will ride away from you at the end.

How to ride a Onewheel

That being said, it’s perfect for a parent riding alongside your kid for some fun adventures around the neighborhood. The Onehweel Pint is more refined than the XR and the smaller package makes it perfect for commuting as long as the distance is below 6-8miles.

The slightly lighter board and size make it easier to take with you on the bus/train and to carry around with the handle. The Pint is also the perfect board if you are after capability and hitting the pavement.

For me the benefits of the possibility to fly are negligible, but for some, this could be the tipping point. Having a battery small enough to be allowed to fly and travel is something the XR does not.

If you are after the best money can buy, and are planning to hit the trails, and ride off-road, then the XR is the board for you and will be amazing and worth every penny. You will not have any range anxiety when riding around finding new ways and pathways. After a while, you will be able to hit 18 miles with ease. It will of course take some time to train your feet and muscles.

You can find my full review of the Onehweel Pint after owning it for 1-year.

Still can’t decide and want the best of both worlds and got the money for it, get a Growler!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Onewheel Pint and XR?

The Onewheel Pint is almost half the cost of the XR with half the range and a smaller form factor. The XR has a slightly higher top speed and is a more stable board for off-road and trail riding.

Is the Onewheel XR better than the Pint?

The Onewheel XR is better than the Pint if you are after a longer range and a board built for off-road and trail riding. The larger platform and flatter wheel make it a more stable board when compared to the Pint. The XR is faster and can also support heavier riders.

Is the Onewheel Pint worth it?

The Onewheel Pint is well worth it and a perfect commuter for someone looking for that last-mile vehicle. It’s a more refined board with a size making it much easier to carry around and stow. The price of $950 makes it more accessible when compared to the XR.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for