JW Batteries sued by Future Motion

JW Batteries sued by Future Motion over JWFFM chip

The latest company to get sued by Future Motion Inc. is JW Batteries around their JWFFM chip. The chip enables the external or larger batteries to be used in the Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR, and basically bypasses the parring between the BMS and controller. This parring has been in place from the start of the production of the Pint and in the latest hardware versions of the XR.

JW Batteries has taken a stance.

Why is FM going after us? We can only assume it’s because we’re the little guy and they thought we would be an easy target. We are not going to be bullied into submission. We have obtained legal counsel and intend to fight for all of us and our right to decide what to do with the Onewheels we own.

As they explain it will not be an easy fight and most likely very expensive but they refuse to give in.

If it’s right or wrong to allow is always up for debate, but there is a right of repairs and the parring of the BMS and Controller makes any repair job of the latest Onewheels impossible if the BMS or controller dies.

Most part of the community is behind them. JW batteries state that they are disappointed that FM has once again decided to go after anyone that tries to offer the community options for enhancing their Onewheel experience.

JW Batteries is also sued by the use of the XR trademark in the sticker JWXR.

It can be downloaded here


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